With increasing news around the COVID-19, MÜV™ Medical Cannabis Dispensaries want you to know the steps we are taking to protect our patients and our team.

Updated Hours

(MÜV Sarasota closes at 12PM on Saturdays)

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To reduce handling cash, we encourage patients to sign up at and MedTenders will scan your phone at check out for payment.

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We highly encourage patients to order online for Express Pick-Up or delivery!

Please call the Patient Care Support Team with questions, concerns or to place your orders 833.880.5420
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Vape Products

Vape Products

Evolve Transdermal Gel

Evolve Spray

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal Patch

Metered Dose Inhalers

Metered Dose Inhalers


Ticnture/Oral Spray



Who We Are

Plants of Ruskin and AltMed Enterprises joined resources to form AltMed Florida to serve Florida patients in their home state. Together they bring an unparalleled track record of expertise to serve patients.

Plants of Ruskin has been an agri-business leader in the state of Florida for nearly 100 years and is in its fourth generation in the agriculture community . Plants of Ruskin has deep roots in the community and has exhibited a continued commitment to support plant science education and research for decades.
AltMed Enterprises, also a Florida company, brings pharmaceutical industry precision to the production and distribution of medical cannabis products under the MÜV™ brand. The MÜV Brand is driven by research and development and has received national and international interest for it quality, consistency and safety.

Launched originally in Arizona, MÜV has received 5 best of Arizona awards for medical cannabis products including multiple 1st prizes for its proprietary ethanol extractions that are the basis of all MÜV products that will be available in Florida. To date companies in more than 12 other states and 5 foreign countries have requested licenses to bring the quality of MÜV to patients in their markets.

Inspiration & Tips

Human skin. It’s wise. Sensitive. Receptive. Turns out, when it comes to applying topicals there’s a right and a wrong way to make the most of skin’s receptivity. Be sure to check out our application tips to learn how to apply MÜV topicals. Your skin will notice the difference.

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Transdermal application of cannabinoids have a much different effect from inhalation of cannabinoids, as most users report more of a body effect than mind euphoria. MÜV patches have been formulated so that there is continuous cannabinoid permeability for 12 hours.
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Try to keep
MÜV’s vape pens have very high THC potency and will solidify at lower temperatures.
at room temperature
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Both formulations deliver 3 mg of an active dose per puff.
The effects should be noticeable within minutes and will allow you to titrate your dose as needed.
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Best Sellers

Our bodies matter. That’s why best-selling MÜV products create so much excitement wherever they’re sold. It’s the science of cannabis, formulated with pure natural ingredients and uncompromising quality

Body Butter

Grapefruit Orange CBD Blend


Soothing Sports Gel

Hemp-derived CBD Blend


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