MÜV™ Vaporizer Cups

Patients can now experience the full entourage effect of medical cannabis with MÜV™ Vaporizer Cups for use with MÜV™ Tabletop Vaporizer.

Each MÜV™ Vaporizer Cup Bottle comes with a 3pk of vaporizer cups totaling 3.5 grams of premium medical cannabis flower. Bottles come in Indica, Sativa dominant and Hybrid strains.

Each bottle is individually labeled to show the specific strain and the amount of active ingredient which varies based on batch.

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The average dose for this product is 10mg per day. Based on this average dose a 30-day supply is $18, a 50-day supply is $30, and a 70-day supply is $42.

Dosing: each 3 second draw ranges from 4-7 mg

Active Ingredients


Inactive Ingredients


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