RSO Encaps – Powder Capsules

MÜV RSO Encaps, like RSO in liquid form, are made from whole-plant extracts and contain all components of the cannabis flower, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll and lipids. Developed with patent-pending EVOLVE encapsulation technology in powder Capsule formulation, this vegan and gluten-free option is convenient and provides consistent dosing.

Through MÜV EnCaps technology, these capsules ensure a quicker onset time than found with most orally consumed cannabis products. By improving cannabinoid absorption, MÜV RSO capsules provide patients the full analgesic and potential anti-cancerous effects of the medicine.

While MÜV RSO Capsules offer precision dosing, they are not recommended for new medical cannabis patients or those who have not used the MÜV RSO Syringe at 25 mg dose.

Available in 30 capsule bottles of approximately 25 mg of THC per capsule – batches may vary in potency.
Recommended dose is 25mg

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Additional Information


varies by batch
approximately 750 mg per bottle


varies by batch
approximately 150 mg per bottle

Daily Dose

Recommended daily dose 25mg per day
1 capsule

Supply Cost

Based on 25 mg Daily Dose: 30 Days $80.00, 50 Days $133.00, 70 Days $186.00

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