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Cannabis Educational
Resources and Guides

Welcome to the MÜV cannabis learning hub, a place to discover new medical research, find in-depth guides and other free resources and tools to help you better understand the uses and benefits of this incredible plant.

Cannabis Terpenes 101

Terpenes are key in determining the effects of your chosen cannabis strain. Some may relieve pain while others promote feelings of euphoria and wellness. We’re here to help you get to know your “terps” by name.

Visit our Terpenes Guide to further your knowledge about cannabis and what it can do for you!

Cannabis Strain Guide

There was a time when cannabis users had little scientific research to refer to in order to better understand what strains achieve their desired effect. The industry has come a long way and now there are thousands of strains to choose from.

Since strains are unique to each grower, we've cultivated our very own MÜV Cannabis Strain Guide to keep you stimulated and educated.

A Guide To Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids occur naturally, and there are 100s of them. Unless you're a natural genius, it's hard to keep up with which ones are significant to you. That's why we keep our Guide to Cannabinoids fresh, clean, and up-to-date.

There are so many cannabis products to enjoy and furthering your knowledge about cannabinoids makes you a better consumer and optimizes the effect and experience.

Cannabis Glossary

Hey, it's no biggie if you didn't know what a rig was, but expanding your knowledge of cannabis terms is going to have a positive impact in your life. Now, you'll know how to speak the lingo and better your ability to achieve the effects you seek.

Take a peek at our Cannabis Glossary and keep coming back as our industry and commonly used terms continue to grow.

Take Our Cannabis Quizzes

We made these fun cannabis quizzes and personal use assessments to help you become a well informed consumer of medical marijuana and all of the various products on the market today. How else will you know the best methods and ways to enjoy the many benefits of cannabis?

You have to ask questions to get the answers you seek.