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Cannabis Oral Products

Cannabis Oral Products

MÜV provides a multitude of orally consumable cannabis products for a smoke-free delivery experience, including Tinctures and Sprays, RSO, Capsules, and Distillates. To best suit the needs of Florida’s patients, oral products are available in a variety of THC, CBD, and THC/CBD formulations.

For quick relief, look to patented EnCaps™ technology, available in Tinctures and EnCaps Capsules.  The smoke-free, consistently dosed format is both long-lasting and fast-acting.

And for easiest way to use cannabis oil, the Dablicator™ Oil Applicator allows for consistent dosing with each click. Explore concentrates Live Resin, Plus Distillate Oil, and RSO in this revolutionary hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Oral Products