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MÜV RSO Capsules

MÜV RSO capsules contain all components of the cannabis flower, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll and lipids.

MÜV RSO Capsules offer a smoke-free delivery method that ensures the utilization of these diverse compounds. In utilizing MÜV EnCap technology, these capsules ensure a quicker onset time than is found with most orally consumed cannabis products. By improving cannabinoid absorption, MÜV RSO capsules make certain that patients receive the full analgesic and potentially anti-cancerous effects of the medicine.

While MÜV RSO Capsules offer precision dosing, they are not recommended for new medical cannabis patients or those who have not used the MÜV RSO Syringe.

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RSO Capsules

Frequently Asked Questions About RSO Cannabis Capsules