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Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Flower

Marijuana strains are painstakingly chosen based on effects produced for the patient as well as flower characteristics such as structure, scent, and trichome development.

Verano Reserve Flower is rigorously pheno-hunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) at the MÜV Cultivation. These hand-trimmed select strains present striking features: dense trichomes, unique bud structures, and robust THC content.

(the) Essence Flower genetics are carefully selected, bred, and pheno-hunted to deliver a spectrum of experiences, each intended to enrich the everyday.

MÜV Flower is premium cannabis strains selected for their unique characteristics to satisfy any patient preference.

Sweet Supply Flower consists of strain selections that are sweet to the budget, some sweet in flavor, and always in sweet supply.

Savvy cannabis is your wallet’s favorite brand of flower. All brands and strains of flower grown at MÜV Cultivation are packaged as Savvy or Savvy Reserve and are also available in 7g and 14g formats.

Shop for quality flower in prepackaged, smell-proof jars (14g Savvy is in a bag), single or 5-Pack pre-rolled joints, and Verano Reserve Flower in glass jars, 0.7g Pre-roll, or 5-Pack Pre-rolls.