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Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Flower

Marijuana strains are painstakingly chosen based on effects produced for the patient as well as flower characteristics such as structure, scent and trichome development. MÜV Flower is available in three tiers, with Tiers 1 and 2 identified based on size, structure and scent of bud and hand-trimmed to showcase these features, and Tier 3 identified by size alone. Verano Reserve Flower (previously Limited Reserve) stands alone from tiered. These cultivars were rigorously phenohunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) at the MÜV Cultivation and present striking features: dense trichomes, unique structures, and robust THC content. Savvy cannabis is your wallet's favorite brand of flower. The large-format cannabis option checks all the boxes. Shop for quality flower in prepackaged, smell-proof jars, flower cups, single or 5-Pack pre-rolled joints, and Verano Reserve Flower in glass jars, 0.7g Pre-roll, or 5-Pack Pre-rolls.