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Verano Reserve Flower

Verano Reserve Flower (formerly Limited Reserve) encompasses an array of premium cannabis genetics. These exotic strains have been rigorously phenohunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) in the MÜV Cultivation and present striking features: dense trichome production, unique bud structures, and robust THC content.

Each plant is hand-watered to maintain ideal moisture levels, hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes, and extensively cured in airtight containers to protect terpenes and ensure even distribution of moisture in each bud. Because of the extensive care they receive, Reserve cultivars are grown in limited quantities.

Superior flower deserves superior packaging – airtight, child-resistant glass jars in a sleek matte white. Verano Reserve genetics are the highest grade of cannabis flower, available in limited supply. In this way, Reserve truly means reserve – if these premium strains are spotted online, they should be reserved for express pickup.

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Verano Reserve Cannabis Flower