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Reserve Cannabis 5-Pack Pre-rolls

Big things come in small packages.

Verano Reserve (formerly Limited Reserve) consists of exotic cultivars, extensively phenohunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) at the MÜV Cultivation for their striking features. Each strain is coated in a dusting of silvery-white trichomes, accentuating the vibrant colors presented, and all preserved due to hand-trimming. While beautiful in appearance, these trichomes can make it hard to grind the flower itself, often sticking to the teeth or your fingers. Save your grinder and trichomes with MÜV Verano Reserve 5-pack Pre-rolls.

Think of Verano Reserve Pre-roll tins as the most convenient and affordable way to explore Reserve strains. Each 0.7-g cone is packed meticulously with our top-of-the-line cultivars, totaling an 3.5 g or 1/8th in weight.

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