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Common FAQ's About Consuming Cannabis

In today’s marijuana market, the selection of cannabis products is almost endless. Cannabis consumers not only have a variety, they also have a wide range of options when it comes to the method of consumption. Of course smoking flower is still one of the most popular methods, but even smoking offers a variety of devices, such as dry flower vapes, bongs, classic pipes and one hitters. Each approach to consuming marijuana, along with the preferences of the individual consuming it, requires different equipment. Take our quiz above to help narrow down your options and check out our FAQ's below to learn more about consuming cannabis.

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Cannabis Glossary Icon
Cannabis Glossary

From dabs to rigs to crutches, keeping up with cannabis lingo is easier said than done. Take a peek at our Cannabis Glossary and check back as our industry and commonly used terms continue to grow.

Cannabis Terpenes 101 Icon
Cannabis Terpenes 101

Terpenes are key in determining the effects of your chosen cannabis strain. Some may relieve pain while others promote feelings of euphoria and wellness. We’re here to help you get to know your “terps” by name.

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Cannabis Quizzes

Become a well informed consumer of medical marijuana and all of the various products on the market today.