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Why Should I Use A Cannabis Strain Glossary?

As mentioned, thousands of cannabis strains exist, so naming them makes a lot of sense for consumers. Now, you have a point of reference when you speak to someone at a dispensary. Since strains can differ from grower to grower, we host our very own evolving Cannabis Strain Glossary.

For the longest time, cannabis strains were limited in categorization. People sought “indicas'' for more sleep-inducing, intense effects and “sativas” for mellow, energetic effects. But, cannabis strains are way more involved and nuanced. Take a scroll to see all that MÜV has to offer, though please note, not all strains will be available at all dispensaries:

Phew! That’s a lot of cannabis strains to remember. Hope you’re prepared for the quiz on Monday! Just kidding about the quiz but we’re totally serious in offering the finest cannabis products.

The Cannabis Strain Glossary is our way to share a robust amount of strain-specific information in one place for you to easily refer back to. Sometimes you want to lessen the pain of a migraine. Another day, you may want to enjoy a strain for its happy and euphoric effects. Now, you don’t need to strain your brain trying to choose a variety of cannabis. Leaf through our Cannabis Strain Guide to put your mind at ease.

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