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Celebrate 100 Ways to get MÜVing with Dispensary 100!

By Brittiany Ralls August 16, 2022

MÜV and Verano are excited to announce that we are now in 100 locations across the United States! Starting in Las Vegas where the first Zen Leaf opened to Pennsylvania where our 100th location opened in Wynnewood, to as far south as Key West, Florida, we are proud to promote cannabis wellness to communities throughout the US. Cannabis is our passion and people are the purpose for all that we do at MÜV and Verano.  

As our 100th dispensary is a huge milestone for Verano, MÜV, and Zen Leaf, we’re giving Ü a reason to celebrate, too!

Store 100 Celebration!

All of us at Verano and MÜV are honored to be able to celebrate so many locations supporting cannabis consumers across the US and we can’t thank all of you enough by supporting us back. As a thank you we thought it would be best to share the love June 3-5, 2022!  

Patients who spend over $100 this weekend also get to pick out another product under $35, compliments of MÜV. The edibles you’ve wanted to try – how about trying them on us? Or maybe you are more of a vape person, who has yet to try Durban Dream in the All-in-One disposable vape. With flower being one of your favorite products, how about a 5-Pack Pre-roll, free of charge.

Ready to reserve your order? Head to your store's location!

Now that we’ve addressed the goods awaiting you, for all Ü who are curious about who Verano and Zen Leaf are to MÜV – read on!

Verano, MÜV Parent Company

Verano Cannabis

What started from one cultivation in one state turned into a multi-state operation – Verano.

Verano ("summer" in Spanish) was founded to perfect the cultivation of cannabis. Humbled by the power of this plant, Verano believes that it can and should be better. With 12 state-of-the-art facilities sustainably designed for the regions they are in, with a genetic portfolio of over 150 strains, it has been no small feat. From flower to extract to the therapies created via extraction, Verano products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Verano is a company that is proud to have a goal of yes in mind, and they hope to encourage customers to explore the cannabis plant through their premium products that are formulated to best suit their desires, tastes, and comfort levels. Our parent company works tirelessly to combat the long held negative beliefs of the plant and educate on its myriad of benefits. Verano is committed to promoting the good in the cannabis space and rectifying past wrongs, too, by partnering with organizations such as Mission Green to promote cannabis reform and clemency, in addition to democratizing and decriminalizing the cannabis industry, proving it can be positive force for good in society.  

History of Verano and MÜV

MÜV first opened dispensary doors in Apollo Beach in 2018 and, since then, we have added over 40 new locations to our list! In the midst of servicing Florida’s patients, we joined the Verano family as well, bringing more support, trustworthy products and formulations to the state medical cannabis program.

Supporting the local community is a pillar of our dispensaries, achieved by sponsoring events, community outreach, and of course, cannabis-based therapies and world-class service. Verano and MÜV holds the support of local nonprofits in the highest regard, Josh Provides, Children’s Cancer Center, and has even chaired educational endowments though the University of Florida.  

Special MÜV Locations

While we feel that every location is special, there are a few that hold certain places in our hearts. From the first MÜV location to one of our favorite spots across Tampa Bay there are a few that stick out in our minds that we think you should know a little more about.  

MÜV Apollo Beach, Florida

The first MÜV Dispensary opened in Apollo Beach, Florida. Being the first MÜV location isn’t the only claim to fame for the mom and pop-style shop. Outside you will smell the distinctive odor of cannabis, and the reason is – the MÜV cultivation that fuels our dispensaries throughout Florida is located right next door! Too, the dispensary itself is deemed a historic building – it has character beyond measure, with curved lines along the roof lending a western feel. Don't take it from us, though -

"Best products in the area of the highest quality. Such friendly & knowledgeable staff. Absolutely love parking and opening my windows for free car air freshener, too 😅"

- Google Reviewer

MÜV St. Petersburg, Florida

One of our favorite locations is in the eclectic and artsy E.D.G.E. District of St. Petersburg, or St. Pete for short. In efforts to raise awareness about the environmental issues within our oceans, MÜV partnered with SHINE Mural Festivals, which included Sea Walls art program and Brian Butler, for a multimedia project. The piece along the dispensary is called Carbon Punishment and the typography gives a nod to the bay area’s metal music heritage, while the phrase reminds us of the toxic relationship between humans and carbon emissions. As a multimedia project the mural also has a metal-head track called Ecological Collapse at Sea, composed by local metal musicians from Miami.  

As one patient described it -

"Grabbing my meds Saturday was a breeze! Melanie is an awesome cannabis advisor. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and always has a great recommendation to offer if your preferred strain is out if stock. I always look forward to going to MUV. They have yet to disappoint!"

- Google Reviewer

MÜV Key West, Florida

Our Key West location isn’t the only island location we have in Florida, but it is one the furthest dispensaries south you can buy from in the US. Being surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico makes MÜV Key West a treasured location amongst the locals and those who visit the area from across the state of Florida, including being a favorite MÜV destination for many MÜV employees. Patients approve of the location:

"The absolute best staff in the industry. They are always willing to help, they take their time, they are knowledgeable, and they have a great product list. The atmosphere is always a positive one. Not a lot of options in the Keys, but even if there was I'd still go here."

- Google Reviewer

Zen Leaf, the Sister Brand to MÜV

Inside MUV Sister Dispensary Zen Leaf

While Ü know us as MÜV here in Florida, Zen Leaf is the sister dispensary brand under Verano that operates throughout the rest of the Unites States. Currently operating in 11 states, with three more coming, we are excited to be a part of the larger cannabis community. Here's some insights about each Zen Leaf state nd whether those are medical or recreational markets – good to know just in case you are planning a vacation outside of Florida. In fact, this may help you decide where to head to next:

  • Arizona – 6 locations; all locations are medical and adult-use
  • Arkansas – 1 location; medical only
  • Illinois – 10 locations; all locations adult-use, 5 locations medical  
  • Maryland – 3 locations; all medical
  • Massachusetts – 2 locations; both adult-use, 1 location medical
  • Michigan – 1 location; medical and adult-use
  • Nevada – 3 locations; all adult-use, 1 location medical also
  • New Jersey – 3 locations; all medical, 2 adult-use
  • Ohio – 5 locations; all medical
  • Pennsylvania – 14 locations; all medical
  • West Virginia – 2 locations; all medical  

Here's what reviewers have to say about Zen Leaf:

"This is truly a great dispensary! Usually have a few items the other local dispensaries don’t. Jules was the man. Super friendly and informative! I’ve only been here a few times….but it’s always a pleasant experience. Also, no line or wait! In and out….less than 10 mins. Thanks again Jules! 👍🏻"

- Google Reviewer TalkingWalnut (Zen Leaf Philadelphia – Pennsylvania)

"Every experience here has been positive. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and Skyler was just as great. I usually order online prior to visiting so I don’t require much assistance or education, but I’ve been in queue or at the counter when another customer needs guidance and I’ve been impressed with the patience and knowledge of the staff. I’ve been to other dispensaries and this is by far the best. The facility is immaculate and a good large space. Even security is friendly! Ordering today, I used the upgraded website for the first time and I loved it. The website was previously my only complaint since it didn’t work properly. Well done on the upgrade. Finally your prices are much better than some competitors. Love the senior discount too! You guys are great. Don’t change."

- Google Reviewer Mark Richardson (Zen Leaf Evanston – Illinois)

"I’ve only been to your branch in North Las Vegas once, but they were out of what I wanted. So they suggested I contact another branch. So I visited your branch off of flamingo. Everybody from the front desk, to Andrew helping me with my purchase. Was very knowledgeable and helpful and even told me about a special I didn’t even know about. Thank you Andrew you’re the best 🤩🤩 I’ll definitely be coming back."

- Google Reviewer Vicki Richards (Zen Leaf Las Vegas (Flamingo) - Nevada)

What’s Next for MÜV?

While dispensary 100 in Wynnewood, PA is the reason to celebrate now, it will not be the last. We will be opening a host of new dispensaries throughout Florida, and Zen Leaf will be joining the cannabis family in new states as well as expand in existing.

Too, we will be crafting and curating new strains and new products nationwide, and new ways to save through the MÜV Rewards App.

All of us at MÜV, Verano and Zen Leaf are excited and honored to promote cannabis-based wellness with you.

Content Writer for MÜV and Zen Leaf. Britt began exploring cannabis as a recreational user attempting to treat her migraines and depression. Finding success, she began to realize the many benefits of cannabis for a multitude of ailments. Her new-found knowledge prompted a move to Colorado, where she was able to medically treat her son with ADHD and aid her family in becoming healthier and happier. Realizing her passion for cannabis, she turned it into a career. Joining the industry as Medtender and moving into management gave Britt the knowledge needed to become a writer for a local cannabis culture magazine in Oklahoma and a leading voice in cannabis compliance.

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