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Black Mamba: A Happier, Heavy-Hitting Indica

By Danyal Swan September 25, 2021

If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting strain with the power to bring you happiness and ease your stress, Black Mamba should be next on your list to try. With dense, dark green nugs, a sweet grape flavor, and an intense aroma, this strain of cannabis is best known for its euphoric effects and ability to put people into a pleasant state of relaxation. Like its reptilian namesake, the bite of the Black Mamba strain is strong — strong enough that inexperienced cannabis users may want to prepare ahead for the nap that likely awaits them.

With THC around 80% and small amounts of CBD present (exact percentages found on the product label), this strain’s calming and sedating effects are what helps more experienced consumers achieve an evening mood boost before bed and then transition smoothly to a great night’s sleep.

Indica or Sativa?

A typically THC-heavy strain, Black Mamba is classified as indica and has been theorized to be a cross between two popular strains: Black Domina and Granddaddy Purple. For those unaware of the differences between indicas and sativas, think of indicas as cannabis that affects you in the body where sativas are more of a head high. While science is beginning to prove that it’s the terpenes that drive these strain-specific effects, these categories can be used to explore strains, particularly for those new to a medical marijuana routine.  

What Does Black Mamba Look Like?

The Black Mamba strain has been grown in Arizona since 2016 and, produced such great effects for patients, that the strain was replicated for MÜV Püre in Florida.

Physically, flowers of a Black Mamba can be easily spotted by their uniquely dark leaves, forest green giving way to curling patches of dark purple and green. This gorgeous color comes from the plant’s genetic makeup. Notably high levels of anthocyanin pigments pull the purple hues out of the green in a similar process to the changing of the leaves every autumn due to depleted chlorophyll levels.

Black Mamba also has a dusting of those cloudy white crystals known as trichomes (the microscopic growths that often look like a fine coating of frost), that produce hundreds of cannabinoids and flavonoids, and make the nugs sticky extremely sticky. Groups of the buds are known to cluster together, sticking to one another in medium-sized puffy balls of fragrant bud.

What Does Black Mamba Taste Like?

For those wondering what Black Mamba tastes like, when smoking or vaping this cannabis, you’ll be able to taste a distinctly sweet grape flavor through every pull, with the flavor hitting harder on the exhale. Interestingly enough, this grape taste has nothing to do with the very fitting purple color. In actuality, the scent and taste of strains stem from its terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that appear in plants to give them their unique sensory qualities. They are not only found in cannabis — terpenes can be found in many plants; for example, myrcene is found in hops, bay leaves and some cannabis strains.

In addition to providing this sweet, fruity taste, terpenes also provide Black Mamba (and any other cannabis strain) with protection from infectious organisms or, in the wild, any grazing animal. Interestingly, though terpenes play a factor in the colors and scents displayed by the plant, they occur in very small quantities within the plant — typically around 2% of total weight of flower or distillate.

Terpenes have been said to benefit the human body on their own as well, giving yet another reason to continue the exploration of cannabis products for medicinal usage. Black Mamba’s three most abundant terpenes and their said benefits are:

- Myrcene, believed to provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits, with sedating effects

- Limonene, said to provide antibacterial and anti-anxiety benefits, with uplifting effects

- Caryophyllene, believed to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, with sedating effects

And what do these three terpenes synergistically come together to provide?

What Does Black Mamba Feel Like?

While experiences while consuming cannabis will all differ from person-to-person due to tolerance, body chemistry, and overall preference, there are consenses to be found regarding the type of high each strain gives off. According to patient reviews, Black Mamba does more to alleviate physical discomforts and provide relaxation, providing a strong body high.

The high from Black Mamba is said to hit hard almost immediately. Your awareness of some stimuli may become heightened after your dose, enhancing your perception of certain sights and sounds. You will most likely also become more introspective, with your mind flowing rapidly through many different thoughts. This can tend to make more experienced users increasingly social or chatty and more introverted users feel a little more open to interaction.

Mood Boosts from Black Mamba

Glass jars of cannabis and buds sit on a white office table in an office environment with a downtown view outside the window. A Female Entrepreneur is working on a laptop computer with a vape pen by her side for Marijuana research. A lapop computer, pencil cup, glass jars of cannabis and a black mug on top of a wooden coaster sit on the white desk. Nice downtown view behind her.

For more experienced cannabis users with a higher tolerance, the mood boost provided is said to help with productive tasks like organizing, producing creative works, or accomplishing other more tactile projects. This is what makes certain users prefer to use Black Mamba in the daytime despite its second attribute of sedation/relaxation, in addition to its ability to positively improve mood.

“Black Mamba is a great Indica for people who want all the relaxation, without feeling groggy. I love this strain because it still provides me with just the right amount of focus to overcome moments of anxiety or depression.”
m****3, December 9, 2020

While patients do report alleviation of symptoms from depression and anxiety, individuals with anxiety or panic disorder and a low tolerance should remain cautious of its potential to increase these feelings. Always try new strains in small doses in case you do experience some of the potential drawbacks or find that you have a low tolerance for THC.

What Is MÜV Püre?

When MÜV entered Florida, our first two vape lines served two separate functions, soothing different symptoms and providing different beneficial effects. One cartridge was strain-specific and provided all the typical terpenes that are specific to individual strains of cannabis, yet lacked power behind its punch - a high-THC percentage, which many patients seek. The other cartridge wasn’t strain-specific, meaning no terpenes were reintroduced after extraction - however, it was significantly more potent than the former.

To bring our customers more of what they’re looking for in their cannabis vape cartridges, we discovered a way to combine the best-rated features of both vape lines, leading to the invention of a highly potent, strain-specific, distillate-based cartridge. Our color-coded vape cartridges (with Black Mamba in blue for indica), are great for discreet, fast-acting cannabis treatment on the go.

Black Mamba Stands Out in the Püre Line

For repeat customers of the MÜV Püre line, you may already know a lot about our other offerings, with some of the most popular, highest rated vaporizers being our Blueberry and Maui Wowie strains, according to our customer Strainprint data. But, with the global pandemic continuing to affect our society, MÜV recognizes there is a prevalent need amongst our customers to find solutions for the symptoms of mental health issues like depression or insomnia. That’s why Black Mamba is an amazing contender, giving consumers the relief they’re searching for during this long, stressful period. According to MÜV Patient reviews in iheartjane, the strain:

- Puts minds at ease

- Provides relief

- Aids in sleep

- Provides relaxing effects

If you’re looking to find out more about other users’ experiences with the strain, reading product reviews before checking out is a great source. From experiences about treating other less-reported symptoms for the strain, like nausea or nerve pain, to honest opinions on the flavor or quality, or length of the high, these reviews provide a broad picture of the qualities of Black Mamba or any other strain. On top of written reviews, you’ll also be able to see the number of people who rated the strain in categories broken down by activities (Get some Sleep, Ease My Mind, Get Relief, etc.) and feelings (Sleepy, Pain-Free, Relaxed, Blissful). These numbers can give you an understanding of which strains are likely to suit your medical cannabis needs.

If you want to take your exploration of the efficacies of specific products or strains for symptom and ailment management, Strainprint™ is the way to go.

Not Signed Up for Strainprint?

In March 2021, we partnered with Strainprint, the ultimate medical cannabis journaling tool, developed for patients by patients. This tool is not only beneficial to the patients using it, helping them better and more easily organize their cannabis treatment tracking, but it also helps us to know more about the efficacy of cannabis in treating specific ailments and disorders, providing results that break down the barriers to legalized and accepted medicinal cannabis.

Currently, the DEA still lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic on their list of controlled substances despite its medical legality in 36 states. Intentional clinical research of the cannabis treatment plans and experiences of medical cannabis users are essential parts of debunking dangerous myths about marijuana and providing conclusive results about its many beneficial properties and purposes. This means, regardless of how tedious the work might be, patient reporting is a vital weapon in the fight for large-scale system reform. In fact, it is so vital, Strainprint efficacy data has been utilized in six academic and peer-reviewed research pieces, providing invaluable insights into cannabis and efficacies for specific ailments and symptoms.

The measure of efficacy is determined by the symptom level. When tracking a session, you are prompted to indicate the level of symptom on a scale of 1-10. A push notification is sent in 20 minutes (longer for edibles), prompting you to indicate the level of symptom after effects have begun. The change in symptom level is the efficacy for that product. Through Strainprint, we have learned that Black Mamba has an efficacy of 48% for insomnia symptoms and 45% for stress.

MÜV Püre Products and Strainprint

MÜV Püre Products
MÜV Püre is color-coded for ease of use and occurs in consistent strains you can rely on: Tangie and Maui Wowie (sativa), OG Kush (hybrid), Canna-Tsu (high-CBD) and Black Mamba and Blueberry (indica).

Learn more about the app, founder Stephanie Karasick’s story, and how you can earn discounts while tracking with Strainprint in our blog, and sign up with the code MUVSTRAIN for easy access to the MÜV Püre products recommended for your treatment plan. If you’re struggling with finding the right strain or dosage for you, tracking is a great way to see the patterns and understand exactly what benefits and what drawbacks each specific strain has for you. Refining your product selection and dosage is key to improving your treatment plan, better controlling your symptoms, and providing results that legitimize the prescription of cannabis for medicinal use.

Don’t wait — order your MÜV Püre cartridges today and be sure to track their efficacy with Strainprint.

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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