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Save to Give, in Support of Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

By Danyal Swan September 26, 2023

So far in 2023, breast cancer diagnoses have totaled 15.2% of all cancer diagnoses made, according to the National Cancer Institute. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a crucial time of year, as each dollar donated and every piece of research subsequently conducted is key to finding a cure. This is furthered in October especially, but year-round by organizations like Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation (LSBCF), who drive research and education around this pervasive disease.

And pervasive it is. As of September 2023, there have been an estimated 297,790 new cases diagnosed. That's why we are bringing Save to Give back for the third year in a row.

Save to Give at MÜV

Save to Give was born to support the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, with your help. Patients who visit the dispensary September 29 through October 15 will receive a punch card that grants exclusive savings at MÜV:

  • 1st Punch – 30% off your purchase
  • 2nd Punch – 40% off your purchase
  • 3rd Punch – 50% off your purchase

For each completed card in the month of October, we're donating to Lynn Sage – up to $50,000. You save, we give.

What is the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation?

Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation (LSBCF) was established by the family and friends of Lynn Sage, who died of breast cancer in 1984. Founded a year later in 1985, the nonprofit has raised over $40 million since its inception. Impressively and importantly, 94% of funds raised go to research and education, two core pieces of the foundation’s mission.

With cancer in general, and breast cancer in particular, early detection is key, and would not be possible with education from institutions such as LSBCF. And, without research support, treatment options such as oral Tamoxifen, considered “the standard of care treatment” for hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer, and of which Lynn Sage was a heavy early research investor, would not be possible.

Lynn Sage’s care goes beyond just research and education, however. In 1991, the foundation partnered with Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), resulting in the Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center, “the largest of its kind in the Midwest,” and a recognized American College of Radiology Center of Excellence, defined as an institution that provides the highest quality imaging, safety, and care to its patients. This is demonstrated, too, in their support of Northwestern University, where donations have led to the development of:

  1. Fellowships for oncology
  2. Funding projects in research and education at Northwestern Medicine, and
  3. The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

October 2021 and 2022, our parent company Verano helped further their mission with Save to Give at MÜV and sister Zen Leaf Dispensaries.

“Through Verano’s generous commitment to our mission, we will continue working to eradicate breast cancer. We are honored to have Verano on Team Lynn Sage as we forge ahead working to prevent breast cancer and improve outcomes for individuals with breast cancer."
~ Laura Sage, Co-Chair and Founder of Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

The Lynn Sage Mission: Pushing Boundaries in Breast Cancer Research

A key component of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation is the Lynn Sage Scholars initiative. This program identifies and supports brilliant minds dedicated to transformative breast cancer research. These scholars receive $200,000 over two years to propel their innovative projects forward.

Here are some 2023 spotlight scholars:

  • Dr. Peiwen Chen from Northwestern University is diving deep into brain-related breast cancer issues. He's researching how to halt the spread of breast cancer to the brain by reprogramming certain cells called TAMs. His work could redefine treatment strategies.
  • Dr. Lu Wang, another star from Northwestern, is exploring how cancer cells process energy. By understanding this, he hopes to combat some breast cancers that resist hormone treatments.
  • At the University of Chicago, Dr. Nan Chen is on a quest to understand which treatments work best for metastatic breast cancer by analyzing DNA changes in patients.
  • Last, but by no means least, Dr. Arjun Raman is leveraging a gene-focused tool to understand the complexities of triple-negative breast cancer. His groundbreaking work has the potential to transform treatment approaches.

Lynn Sage's Fellowships: Nurturing the Next Gen of Experts Lynn Sage Foundation is big on training. They're investing in the next wave of global leaders in breast cancer research. Their support ensures that the brightest minds get top-tier training and the best tools.

  • The Breast Surgery Fellowship sharpens skills in imaging and disease understanding.
  • The Breast Imaging Fellowship emphasizes mammography, ultrasound, and guided techniques.
  • The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship is all about cultivating tomorrow's breast cancer research leaders.
  • And the Pathology Fellowship offers deep training in diagnosing breast conditions.

Contributions to Lynn Sage are more than just donations; they're investments in a brighter, cancer-free future. Every dollar enhances awareness and paves the way to better treatments and, eventually, a cure.

The Renowned Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium

The Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium is hailed as the top global meeting for breast cancer professionals. This year marked its 25th session, a testament to Lynn Sage's commitment to progress. With world-renowned experts sharing the latest findings and engaging in insightful discussions, it's an event that sets the tone for the year ahead in breast cancer research.

2023 Breast Cancer Update

This year, breast cancer remains a significant concern. About 13% of American women will experience invasive breast cancer. That's a daunting 297,790 new cases expected this year alone. And let's not forget the gents; around 2,800 men will also face a breast cancer diagnosis in 2023.

While we've seen steady death rates among women under 50, there's some good news: since 2013, the overall breast cancer death rate has been dropping. Thanks to better treatments and the magic of early detection, we're heading in the right direction. However, we can't overlook that, second only to lung cancer, breast cancer remains a leading killer among American women. In fact, a whopping 30% of this year's new cancer diagnoses will be breast cancer.

And it's not just an American challenge; breast cancer topped the global charts in 2022, making up 12% of all new cancer cases. Organizations like Lynn Sage recognize this global threat and are making waves to combat it.

Help Us Support Lynn Sage

In 2021, we surpassed our goal, and in 2022, achieved a milestone for our company and Lynn Sage — the largest donation to LSBCF from a cannabis company. Help us keep this momentum going,

This donation is made possible by you, MÜVers — thank you for helping us support this incredible organization.

*This post was originally published in September of 2021 and updated on January 18, 2022, to include the donation amount. It was updated again on September 28, 2022, to reflect the 2022 statistics and the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and on September 26, 2023, to reflect the 2023 statistics and campaign.

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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