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5 Years of MÜV Florida Dispensaries

By Danyal Swan June 13, 2023

You never forget your first Florida dispensary visit.

The smell that hits you as you enter the lobby. The smiling face waiting to check you in. The product—legal cannabis product—lining displays for your purchasing. And the moment you pick out the first cannabis product you'll use legally.

It's hard to believe that June 22, 2023 marks five years since that experience was provided for the first time by MÜV Florida Dispensaries. MÜV Apollo Beach Dispensary, the Tampa area's favorite mom-and-pop shop, was the first to open its doors to Florida medical marijuana patients, followed quickly by Sarasota, Tampa - Dale Mabry, and Wellington.

Before we explore what makes Apollo Beach special and some of the highlights from over the years, we want to share some MÜViversary details. Without you, we would not—could not—have expanded our footprint, bringing cannabis access to the furthest reaches of the state. Consider this 5-year MÜViversary celebration our thanks to Ü:

5-Year MÜViversary Cannabis Deals

It's not an anniversary without a celebration. While you can argue that any day your favorite products are on promotion is a celebration, that feeling won't hold a candle to what we have in store for our 5-year. In addition to deals, you may remember (or have!) the limited edition Keep it Growing hat from last year's anniversary and if you didn't snag one, you'll be excited to hear that this year, we have a new something special just for Ü.

Make sure you don't miss the party—enroll in MÜV Rewards or opt-in to emails to receive the deals and swag details on June 23rd!

MÜV Florida Dispensaries

From Tampa to Orlando, Tallahassee to Key West, MÜV Dispensaries decorate the state of Florida, providing cannabis access to those who need it. Our dispensaries were designed with Ü in mind; each features a warm, spacious environment. At MÜV, you can shop your way, whether that's in stores with the guidance of a Cannabis Advisor or online for a quick express pickup.

But a dispensary is more than just shopping, it's the experience provided. Here are just a few features that make MÜV special:

  • MÜV Rewards: our robust Cannabis Rewards program allows you to earn points and redeem them for savings!
  • Strainprint Strain Assessment Program: a partnership created to ensure you can make the most of your experience with cannabis. The robust app allows you to track your cannabis use and measure its effectiveness for your personal symptom management, and earn discounts, too.
  • 18 convenient drive-through pickup locations: Auburndale, Fort Myers Colonial and Summerlin, Hollywood, Lake City, Longwood, Panama City Beach, Pinellas Park, Port Charlotte, Port Orange, Sebring, Shalimar, Stuart, Tallahassee, Tampa - Himes, Titusville, Winter Haven, Zephyrhills

And soon to join the list of drive-through locations? Our very first dispensary, Apollo Beach.

MÜV Apollo Beach Spotlight

Historic charm meets caring consultations.

Our cozy Apollo Beach dispensary is located in a historic building with Western character—curved lines meet in striking corners; compounded with the concrete exterior, the dispensary has the feel of a Texan monument. Apollo Beach is staffed by kind, informative Cannabis Advisors, who listen to your needs to most effectively recommend cannabis products.

And the best part of this dispensary? MÜV Apollo Beach is next door to our Cultivation facility, where all products that line MÜV Dispensary shelves are crafted. In fact, they practically share a parking lot, ensuring the aroma of cannabis greets you each step of your visit.

But don't take it from us—here's what MÜV Florida patients have to say about Apollo Beach:

I’ve been a customer for years here. The service is excellent, the knowledge and application of the products is spot on. They never over sell or upscale to make money. The focus is on helping the clients. They have a great online payment platform and amazing points system. Oh yea, they give discounts to veterans.

JG, Google Reviewer

Extremely nice and very, very knowledgeable of strains and recommended treatments. Always goes out of the way to help. Unfortunately, in this industry, that's a rarity. Thank you so much for everything!

Buddy H, Google Reviewer

Awesome place. Just got my card last month and there is so much to learn about the strain and delivery method works best for you along with your Doctors’ recommendation that I was intimidated to go in at first. But From my first visit each person has been knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I learn something new about the products each time I visit. Now a few month later I’m knowledgeable enough to order most of what I want online and pick up at store. They text when your order is ready. They are very efficient in getting patients in and out without making you feel rushed. Today I’m picking up plus learning about their various vape products. They also have a savings rewards app to save even more. Provide your email and they will send sales notices nearly every day. If you have a MUV near you I would definitely give them a try.

JT, Google Reviewer

I have gone a few times each time it’s been a great experience!! Chris, Nick, Juan helped educate me on the products I needed for my ailments. These folks are very knowledgeable, professional, positive, clean atmosphere, plenty of parking, great sales and products.

YB, Google Reviewer

Everyone I have encountered has been amazing, truly. That being said, Chad is next level! Energetic, enthusiastic, engaging, exceptionally knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and gracious. Thank you MUV for ensuring each visit is a positive experience. From a business perspective that is incredibly difficult but you have found a way to ensure it happens. Thank you♥️

GR, Google Reviewer

This is my go to dispensary for one because it’s close to home… for two because I truly believe MUV is #1 in producing top quality medication. Seriously, they don’t play around when it comes to consistency either. The people at this location know me pretty well as I’m always there and they call me by my name (for the most part). I had a really bad panic attack today INSIDE the actual MUV (that can be pretty embarrassing) and needless to say I wasn’t very calm but when I spoke to Ashley she was very calming and very understanding and actually helped calm me a bit. she’s also very helpful all of the time - I wanted to add that !!!… I can’t remember my buddies name there’s a couple of them but the whole team is pretty awesome 😁 thanks MUV !!!

SG, Google Reviewer

Cannabis Products at MÜV Dispensaries

There's more to MÜV than just dispensaries. The MÜV by Verano Cultivation is responsible for growing best-in-state flower, a host of strains with a myriad of effects; extraction; concentrate crafting; edible making; and packaging.

The cannabis products that line shelves at MÜV were thoughtfully crafted to provide options that tailor to all needs, preferences, and experience levels. Unique options are provided to ensure this, from microdosing Transdermal Patches that utilize patented cannabis encapsulation methods, RSO Tinctures that allow even the greenest of users to explore full-spectrum benefits, and a Metered-Dose Inhaler that provides isolated THC or 1:1 THC/CBD in a familiar format.

We truly take your well-being seriously. In addition to the required third-party testing, our Cultivation has a lab on-site, allowing our plant caretakers to monitor a batch's potency, moisture levels, and more along its life cycle.

FAQs About MÜV Florida Dispensaries

Who Owns MÜV Dispensary?

MÜV Dispensaries were founded by AltMed Enterprises, a collective of pharmaceutical professionals, and Plants of Ruskin, a group of Florida agricultural experts, who together made AltMed Florida. The dispensaries and MÜV Products were created to bring comfort and relief to Florida patients, with a focus on pharmaceutical precision and care.

In 2018, AltMed Florida joined forces with Verano, a multi-state cannabis operator working to rewrite the narrative of cannabis use. With this union, MÜV Florida gained a host of new products, a robust Rewards program, and a plethora of new genetics.

What Does MÜV Dispensary Stand For?

MÜV Dispensaries were named to capture the goal of the dispensary and product line—to get you moving. Instead of using "move," though, MÜV was chosen, as the umlaut captures the smile that should be brought with a dispensary visit and product usage.

How Many MÜV Dispensaries Are There?

As of June 13, 2023, there are 68 dispensaries statewide! MÜV Venice and Fort Pierce are coming soon to bring our total to 70, with more to follow.

When Did MÜV Dispensary Apollo Beach Open?

The first MÜV Dispensary in Florida opened on June 22, 2018. The grand opening was held on June 23, and celebrated with swag, deals, and more, creating an unforgettable experience for Florida patients' first Apollo Beach dispensary visit.

Does MÜV Take CanPay?

Yes, you can pay with CanPay at MÜV Dispensaries! This cashless payment option has no fees associated with it. To pay sans-cash:

  1. Download the CanPay app
  2. Link your bank account to the app to enroll
  3. At your next dispensary visit, pull up your QR code for direct payment from your bank account

That's it! CanPay goes the extra mile to ensure ease of use and safety—each payment is generated with a one-time use QR code.

What Time Does MÜV Close?

MÜV Dispensaries (with the exception of MÜV Sarasota - Fruitville) have the following store hours:

Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 7 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM

Due to county rules and regulations, Sarasota - Fruitville is closed on Sundays.

Does MÜV Deliver?

MÜV Florida Dispensaries do deliver to select regions! To see if you're eligible to have medical marijuana brought discreetly to your door, head to our Delivery Hub.

Celebrate MÜV Florida Dispensaries

MUV Florida Dispensaries Anniversary Deals

While it's the Apollo Beach anniversary, we'll be celebrating statewide with deals, swag, and more!

And to Ü, our patients that have made these past five years possible, thank you. Since 2018, each new product, each new dispensary, and each new promotion has been created with you in mind to ensure the best possible experience.

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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