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MÜV RSO Dablicator™ Applicator

The MÜV RSO Dablicator™ is revolutionizing the way Florida patients medicate with cannabis oil. This innovative applicator makes it much easier to accurately dose and dispense the full-spectrum RSO extract both orally and topically. Ideal for those seeking smoke-free cannabis alternatives, the twist-and-click mechanism delivers a consistent dose every time.  

Discreet and simple to use, the strain-specific RSO option provides optimal benefit for patients with dexterity issues. The Dablicator applicator helps patients confidently enjoy every dose whether on its own, when adding to food or beverages, or applying directly on the skin. 

Note: RSO is not for inhalation  

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MÜV RSO Dablicator™

Frequently Asked Questions about RSO Dablicator™ Oil Applicator