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Everything You Need to Know About the MÜV Dart Battery

By Danyal Swan December 8, 2022

Because of its growing use, there are now a wide variety of vaporizer batteries and concentrates cartridges or pods that you can choose from. And while the options might be nice, this can make picking one for yourself pretty complicated, especially if you’re trying vaping with cannabis for the first time.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the MÜV Dart Battery. Using a pod-based system, the MÜV Dart uses high-tech battery power to vaporize cannabis pods easily, making it simple for beginners and long-time patients alike.

Here’s everything you need to know about our high-quality vaporizer battery:

What is a Cannabis Vaporizer?

Cannabis vaporizers are portable, rechargeable electronic devices that can be connected with cartridges or pods filled with cannabis concentrates. They contain a heating element that vaporizes the included cannabis at the touch of a button. By simply connecting a cartridge or pod filled with CBD or THC concentrate to a vaporizer device, you can inhale cannabis at a moment’s notice. Cannabis suitable for vaporizers comes in various strains with different effects and terpenes, allowing for the same great tastes you would find in cannabis flower.

What is the MÜV Dart Battery?

The MÜV Dart Battery is the first pod-based battery system from one of the industry’s top creators, CCELL. By removing the old cotton wicks that were prone to burning, and replacing them with porous elements and ceramic wicks, CCELL created a system that allows oil to flow easily, consistently, and without dry spots or a burnt taste.

One of the best features about the thermoplastic MÜV Dart Battery is that, unlike competitors, the 480 mAh battery delivers a consistent voltage, even if it needs to be charged. That way, users can enjoy a smooth, robust hit every single time. On top of that, the 2.9-inch MÜV Dart Battery delivers 25% more vapor than most top-selling brands. Its sleek design is perfect for easy use, with no buttons or voltages you have to adjust. All you have to do is connect your Dart Pod to your Dart Battery, and you’re ready to enjoy your product.

Dart Battery Specifications

The specifications of the MÜV Dart Battery include:

  • Battery capacity: 480 mAh
  • Height: 2.9 inches
  • Width: 1.1 inches
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Micro USB
  • Activated by inhalation

How Does the Dart Battery Vaporizer Work?

The Dart Battery revolutionizes the average vape pen technology by getting rid of cotton wicks, which have been the cause of various issues within the vaporizer world, such as burnt tastes and dry hits. Using a magnetic connection to lock together the pod and battery, the MÜV Dart system works by slowly heating the permeable ceramic wick within the pod that touches the oil to create vapor.

The Dart Pod: What Battery Do I Need for a Dart Pod?

The Dart Pod is the sole companion of the MÜV Dart Battery, which means it is only compatible with the Dart Battery system. It’s a portable little pod that contains high-quality distillate and terpenes derived from premium cannabis, both of which help to create long-lasting, strain-specific effects.

Each MÜV Dart Pod is a different color, representing the different strains. Refer to this quick color guide to find the Dart Pod right for you:

  • Yellow pods: sativa-leaning strains
  • Blue pods: indica-leaning strains
  • Green pods: hybrid strains

The Dart Pod is lightweight and built for easy connection to the Dart Battery, making for quick assembly that you don’t have to worry about until it’s time for a new pod.

What Strains Do Dart Pods Come In?

Dart Cannabis Vape Strains

At MÜV, we want to ensure that we provide our patients with the highest quality cannabis products, which is why we have selected a specific range of top-rated strains based on effects and flavor profiles for our Dart Pods. The strains that are offered in our MÜV Dart Pods include:

1. Tropicana Cookies (Sativa)

Tropicana Cookies is a sativa strain loved by many. It produces potent, uplifting effects that have a subtle calming power. These effects often help motivate, inspire, and energize patients. In addition, the strain’s unique terpene profile makes for a sweet, citrusy taste with just a hint of diesel at the end of the inhale. Tropicana Cookies is a well-known mood-booster and an excellent choice for anyone looking to alleviate anxiety, smile more, or find inspiration.

One patient reviewer commented:

“Great. It's not heavy on your mind set and helped me relax and enjoy my evening… the new MUV DART lasts a long while and easy to use.”

2. Super Silver Haze (Sativa)

Super Silver Haze is our other specially selected sativa strain available in our MÜV Dart Pods. Delivering long-lasting, uplifting effects with a cerebral feel. This sativa strain delivers a slight body high that many patients find helpful when treating stress, nausea, anxiety, or lacking an appetite. Super Silver Haze’s terpenes create an earthy, citrus taste with hints of pine on the exhale.

A patient reviewer says:

“Great strain for outdoor activities. Love the blissful & energetic feelings.”

3. Northern Lights (Indica)

Northern Lights is an indica strain that provides potent relaxing and euphoric effects. This strain is well known throughout the medical marijuana community and helps with pain, depression, and insomnia. Terpenes provide what’s often described as a full-body cerebral experience, which is why Northern Lights can provide so many medicinal benefits.

A patient reviewer reports:

“Enjoyed Northern Lights for pain relief, anxiety, and sleep. Smooth draw, good flavor, and not harsh on my throat.”

4. Grape Ape (Indica)

Grape Ape is the second indica strain in the MÜV pod line. As one of the most widely known strains, Grape Ape is known not only for its name, but for its long-lasting, relaxing effects on both the mind and body. The terpenes found in abundance in this strain create a subtle taste of grape with hints of earth, pepper, and pine. Grape Ape lovers say that it helps with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

One patient reviewer reported:

“A vape hit as strong as a flower hit that you can take anywhere. I love that it has no buttons. This strain left me feeling relaxed and peaceful. Great if you have insomnia.”

5. Watermelon Zkittlez (Indica)

Watermelon Zkittlez is a mouthwatering candy explosion of flavor, delivering a powerful, head-rushing euphoria. With its heavy yet cerebral effects, this indica-dominant Dart Pod strain is ideal for the end of the day. 

Patient reviewer m****5 says:

"Picked one up before a college football game (in Gainesville🐊😏). It was discreet and tastes awesome. The cart seems to last quite a while because I picked it up over 2 weeks ago and it is still hitting as of this morning. I only take one or two hits at a time but it seems to last longer than the pure carts"

6. Rainbow Belts (Indica)

Rainbow Belts lives up to its name belting out a candy-sweet, citrus flavor with an earthy skunk undertone. The rainbow of effects reported included relaxing, uplifting and mood enhancing, but not overly sedating.

One patient reviewer notes:

"I thought at first the watermelon zkittlez were the best then came the grunts it was good but the rainbow belts it is fabulous gets to where you want to be will buy again"

7. Marionberry Kush (Indica)

Marionberry Kush is a mellow indica strain great for any time of day. Berry flavors engulf your mouth as cerebral effects uplift your mind, then gently sway into deep body relaxation, while melting stress along the way.

This strain is new as of November 14 and, as such, does not have any reviews. If you've tried it, be sure to share your thoughts!

8. London Pound Cake (Indica)

Taste sweet relief with London Pound Cake, a soothing indica that offers delicious flavor and soothing benefits. London Pound Cake delivers an initial rush of sweetness followed by a gassy exhale, with relaxing and soft cerebral effects, making it ideal for your afternoon tea and crumpets.

This strain is new as of December 9, 2022. If you add this to your medicine cabinet, be sure to leave a review!

9. Mango Kush (Hybrid)

Mango Kush Dart Pod bursts with mango flavor, followed by a soft hint of pine. The strain provides uplifting, cerebral effects on the onset that gently fade to relaxation, making it an ideal option for any time of day. 

One patient reviewer said:

"My new favorite! I never leave reviews especially good ones, but this tastes so good, and it is great for busy days. Really uplifts my mood and gets me going."

10. Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

Pineapple Express is a famous hybrid strain that produces uplifting, euphoric effects that are almost immediate. It not only quickly boosts moods and calms minds, but it also sparks creative energy in many of those who use it. The unique terpene profile of Pineapple Express actually creates tastes of pineapple and pine, which owe their flavor to none other than pinene.This strain is recommended for a variety of things, from depression to fatigue.

This patient reviewer reported:

“Great strain for anxiety relief. Makes that anxious thought go away just like that. Very blissful and euphoric feeling, along with some giggles.”

11. OG Kush (Hybrid, 1:1)

Our OG Kush Dart Pod is a hybrid strain with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. OG Kush is a cross between various strains, resulting in its relaxing, cerebral effects. With an equal balance of CBD and THC, this pod is specifically targeted for patients looking to feel a little less of the psychoactive effects and a little more of the body-calming effects.

One patient reviewer reported:

“This product is great if you have a low THC tolerance and need pain relief at night or need from insomnia, anxiety, or stress. I’d say it’s really great for that. I’ve been taking this with the müv CBD tincture and I sleep like a baby.”

Why Vaporize Cannabis?

Vaporizing cannabis comes with a variety of benefits such as:

1. Potent Effects

Because vaporized oils can convert more THC when heated compared to flower, they can create a much more potent high. This is also because many oil cartridges and pods are full of premium distillate that can range anywhere from 50-70% THC.

2. Convenient

Vaporizers are one of the most convenient methods of consuming cannabis. They’re portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used almost anywhere. Always remember to medicate where lawfully allowed. The convenience and simplicity of vaporizers have largely contributed to their increased popularity over the past few years.

3. They’re Discreet

Vaporizers like the Dart Battery are also a much more discreet way of consuming cannabis versus smoking flower. This is because they create much less smell and are much easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About The MÜV Dart Battery

How Much Does a Dart Battery Cost?

The hard hitting Dart Battery is affordable for many patients at only $25 dollars per battery.

How Long Does the Dart Battery Last Before Needing A Charge?

A single battery charge should last for over 200 hits of the same great consistency. The Dart Battery is a 480 mAh Li-ion battery that’s made to last through about two pods with a full charge. Best of all, the Dart is capable of providing the same, high-quality hit time and again. It should be noted that vapor may be reduced as the battery is close to being diminished.

What is the Lifetime of a Dart Battery?

The MÜV Dart Battery is built to last over 300 full charges and provide high-quality, vapor-filled hits. This means that patients can potentially use up to 600 pods at full-strength with each Dart battery purchased. After 300 charges, though, the battery’s full charge reduced by around 20%.

Do All Strains of MÜV Dart Pods Work on the MÜV Dart Battery?

Our specially designed Dart Pods were created to work with the Dart Battery system, regardless of their strain. This means you can feel free to try any of the different strains we offer, all on the same battery.

How Do Dart Batteries Compare to Other Vape Batteries On the Market?

Compared to its competitors, a Dart Battery can not only outlast its charge, but it can also provide steadier hits with up to 25% more vapor for longer. They’re also inexpensive but made with quality in mind so you can get the best product for your money. So, if you’re looking for a new battery, the MÜV Dart Battery should be your top choice.

How Many Hits is a Dart Pod?

The number of hits you get out of a Dart Pod will vary depending on many aspects but most importantly it depends on how long you hit the pod for. The pod itself is 500 mg. So, if the average hit of a pod is around three to five seconds, a Dart Pod should be able to give you between 100 and 130 hits.

Darting to the Best Vaporizer in Florida

Darting to the Best Vape in Florida

With its ability to last for over 200 hits on a single charge and advanced technology that creates smooth, potent hits, the MÜV Dart Battery is one of the best quality cannabis vaporizers on the market today. So, whether you’re looking for a new battery that will last or you’re just starting with vaporizers, the MÜV Dart Battery is the perfect choice for your vaporizing needs.  

*This post was updated November 18, 2022 to include Marionberry Kush.

*This post was updated December 8, 2022 to include London Pound Cake.


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Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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