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Brand Spotlight: Savvy

By Brittiany Ralls January 20, 2023

If you're in constant need of a restock of your favorite strain, reach for Savvy. Savvy is the wallet-smart option for MÜVers across the state.

What is Savvy Cannabis?

Savvy cannabis is the good stuff that doesn't pinch your pocket.

It's the wallet-smart, street-smart brand that encompasses high culture like never before. Imagine bold packaging (truly imagine - per Florida state rules, packaging can only be white!), street art, and bulk cannabis as the pillars of this powerhouse brand. Yes, you read that correctly - quarters and half-ounces are coming to MÜV.

Be Cannabis Flower-Savvy

Flower in the Savvy brand will consist of what we like to think of as portable buds - buds that are great for breaking down with your fingers for a quick bowl or pipe sesh, or for throwing into a grinder and getting that consistent grind for pre-rolls, blunts, and joints. Previously categorized as Tier 3 bud, these nugs will be comparable to what many call popcorn bud.

Savvy flower will come in 3 different sized varieties, ensuring Savvy flower is always in budget for any Florida patient.

3.5g Bud

The 3.5 gram portable bud option is perfect for the cannasuer that wants a taste. This quantity is more of a non-commitment size that lets patients give a strain a try before making the commitment to buying a half ounce. 

7g Buds

With the 7 gram bud option, we enter stock-up territory. Doubling down on that eighth is perfect for when you are doubling up on your days at home. Staycation, anyone?

14g Buds

Savvy Half Ounces are the stash that keeps on giving. From a quick sesh before working out to long dosing before bed, buying in bulk saves extra trips to the dispensary while keeping your medicine cabinet stocked longer. 

Savvy Cannabis Strains in Florida

Savvy is a special line that encompasses MÜV Strains in a large-format, at budget-friendly pricing. While we're starting the Savvy September with four strains, you will be sure to see far more in the dispensary near you soon!

Some of our most coveted genetics make up this first round of Savvy cannabis:

  • Durban Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid that lends intensely uplifting effects that fade to deep cerebral and body relaxation
  • Slurricane, an indica-dominant hybrid with prominent notes of spice and soothing effects
  • Florida Triangle, a hybrid cultivar with immensely relaxing effects
  • Guru, an indica cultivar with prominent notes of grapefruit and gas, and deeply sedating effects
  • Apple Fritter, a hybrid cultivar with flavors of apple and earth help to stay relaxed and happy
  • Ice Cream Cake, as an indica cultivar the effects are sedating yet euphoric, with sweet flavors
  • Bday Legend, as a hybrid cultivar the effects are uplifting with strong notes of dough
  • Confetti Kush Cake, the very balanced indica cultivar has flavors of sweet, yet skunky gas
  • SSI95, the hybrid cultivar will have creativity bouncing with euphoria, with flavors of citrus and diesel
  • Cherry Punch, the fruity indica-dominant hybrid has effects of relieving pain and relaxation
  • Modified Grapes, a hybrid cultivar has effects of relaxation, and pain relief and sweet fruit flavors

Be Cannabis Vape-Savvy

Savvy Florida 1g Cannabis Cartridge

Terpy vape options in the Savvy line come in 1 gram cartridges and 300 mg disposable pens. Savvy cannabis vapes are all about creating a state of mind - find yours in: Happy Hour, Vacay, and Kick Back.

1g Cannabis Cartridge

Savvy 1g cannabis cartridges are double the size of most other vape options offered at MÜV, making Savvy a great bang-for-your-buck option when looking for terpilicious cannabis oil that lasts longer. These carts can be used on any 510-thread vape battery, like the MÜV 510-thread battery, and the Palm.

  • Juicy Mango is happy hour without the spirits. This juicy sativa cartridge tastes of summer, fresh mango, and your favorite margarita, without the hangover. 
  • Peaches & Cream takes you where you want to go. Fly first class with Vacay (Peaches & Cream).
  • Rainbow Sherbet helps you Kick Back at any time of day. Puff and chill with Rainbow Sherbert, a sweet berry-flavored indica.

300mg Cannabis Pen

For those with strain commitment issues, 300mg pens are a great way to get a taste of Savvy. These 300mg vapes are a grab-and-go option, pre-assembled and ready to use, with no screwing of cartridges or charging of batteries required.

  • Summer Melon is happy hour without the spirits. This refreshing sativa cartridge is the cannabis elixir you can't help reaching for. 
  • Pineapple Mimosa is flying first class, wherever you are. Everyone deserves a Vacay, why not take one that tastes of pineapple and mimosa?
  • Fresh Berry allows you to puff and chill. This indica strain is heavy on relaxation, light on budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Savvy Cannabis

Savvy is a brand that caters to the cannabis user who needs a lot for a little. Still have questions about the new offering? Find answers below!

When Will Savvy Vapes Be Available?

Savvy disposable vape pens are in stores now and 1g carts on their way! Make sure you're subscribed to MÜV emails and have the Rewards app to ensure you don't miss a Savvy beat or deet!

Will Savvy Be Available at Every MÜV Location?

Yes! Savvy will be available at every MÜV location while supplies last, beginning Labor Day weekend. Secure your Savvy bud by placing your order online once the email hits your inbox and know you have Savvy stashed away just for you.

What Are the Prices of Savvy Products?

Pricing for the wallet-favorite Savvy options shakes out at:

  • Flower 3.5g - $25
  • Flower 7g - $45
  • Disposable Vape - $25
  • 1g Cartridge - $50

Where is Savvy Available?

Savvy is available not only in Florida at MÜV Dispensaries, but also at Zen Leaf Dispensaries in states Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with more coming soon!

Stash Savvy at MÜV

Ready to get Savvy? Find flower and disposable vape pens at a MÜV Dispensary near you. Expect to see deals and more exciting Savvy updates, so stay in the know by subscribing to email notifications - and be sure to share your Savvy experiences in reviews!

*This post was edited October 31, 2022 to include Savvy 14g cannabis flower, January 20, 2023 to include Savvy Disposable Pens, and February 3, 2023 to include Savvy 1 Gram Cartridges.

Content Writer for MÜV and Zen Leaf. Britt began exploring cannabis as a recreational user attempting to treat her migraines and depression. Finding success, she began to realize the many benefits of cannabis for a multitude of ailments. Her new-found knowledge prompted a move to Colorado, where she was able to medically treat her son with ADHD and aid her family in becoming healthier and happier. Realizing her passion for cannabis, she turned it into a career. Joining the industry as Medtender and moving into management gave Britt the knowledge needed to become a writer for a local cannabis culture magazine in Oklahoma and a leading voice in cannabis compliance.

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