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Green Wednesday: An Origin Story

By Danyal Swan November 27, 2021

The term “holiday season” can conjure a host of visuals Sugar Plum Fairies. Yule Logs. Great Aunt Edna’s fruitcake and buttered rum. Mom stuffing a turkey while the cousins scream and play. But what do you think when you hear Green Wednesday?

The roots of Green Wednesday can be traced back to  2016. You’re probably already familiar with Black Friday—the day that incentivizes and kick starts the holiday shopping season. Green Wednesday is no different. But before we get ahead of ourselves, what is Green Wednesday? When is Green Wednesday?

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving, when consumers typically visit their local dispensaries in droves. As dispensaries are often closed for the national holiday (and sometimes through the weekend), many cannabis users like to stock up in preparation. In 2020, cannabis sales surpassed those of Black Friday for the first time, with cannabis consumers spending $238 million from November 25th through the 28th. On Green Wednesday alone, sales saw an 80% increase. And, as dispensaries are seen as an “essential business,” they were able to operate while many other businesses were shut down due to the pandemic. Green Wednesday is seen as the second largest cannabis buying holiday, after 420. And, with the availability, delivery and online ordering/store pickup options, acquiring cannabis is growing easier for those in need.

So, When Did Green Wednesday Start?

While time with family can reduce stress in some, that’s not the case for all. Holiday celebrations can be a hotbed of family drama and arguments—not necessarily ideal for the time of year, and the anxiety leading up to these sometimes tumultuous gatherings can add additional layers of stress and mood swings. Cannabis patients who suffer from anxiety and depression may medicate to minimize the symptoms during what is often seen as a stressful time of year, potentially making e to make uncomfortable interactions more enjoyable. Seems like the ideal situation and, judging by the popularity of Green Wednesday, other consumers have caught on.

It’s believed that Green Wednesday was created by a cannabis delivery company in 2016 when they noticed a large increase in sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a trend that has continued to grow each year. And, like any medication, having enough over a long holiday weekend is important for patients. Because many businesses are closed for Thanksgiving and the long lines that are the norm of Black Friday, making a larger than normal purchase the day before the holiday was the intuitive choice for many.

Green Wednesday and Other Cannabis Holidays

While Green Wednesday is the newest holiday on the rise, there are two important precursors, the most notable and obvious being 4/20. While many of us have heard the colloquial call, “420, blaze it,” what does it mean?

The real origin, though there have been plenty of theories, truly referred to the time 4:20PM. It served as a codeword for teenagers in  San Rafael, California who would get together to smoke and look for a rumored hidden crop of marijuana grown by the Coast Guard. While the Waldos, as they began calling themselves, never found it, the legend remained, and so, too, did the usage of 420 as a code to go smoke.

It gained much more nationwide notoriety from The Grateful Dead. One of the original members of the San Rafael Waldos joined The Grateful Dead as a roadie, and the usage of the term 420 spread like wildfire. With such a notation on its resume, 420 became a cultural phenomenon and has remained in the popular lexicon. Celebrating 420 today typically encompasses the consumption and celebration of cannabis in its many forms.

But What About 710, aka Dab Day?

While well known among cannabis consumers, 710 is another holiday that has gained distinction over the years. 710 began in the early 2010s and is celebrated on July 10th every year. While the exact origin is dicey and difficult to pin down, there are several speculations, from The Grateful Dead’s address to a joke originating from the oil caps in cars (when the OIL cap is viewed upside down, it reads 710).

A third theory says that it started with the group named Task & Linus. With the release of the 2011 Album “The Movement” came a few obvious references to cannabis culture, with songs like “7:10” and “Boil that Oil,” a song that references dabbing. To  celebrate 710, people generally consume concentrates, an extracted form of cannabis. A few of the varieties include Distillate Oil, Shatter, Crumble, Gold (or THCA diamonds), and Live Rosin.

Both holidays widely support the use of cannabis and the variety of advantages it may provide consumers. 420 and 710 are now mainstream celebrated holidays that continue to gain traction as cannabis is legalized across the nation. And now, Green Wednesday is fitting in nicely, helping medical marijuana to gain more acceptance throughout the world.

A Very Honorable Mention

And as an honorable mention, we can’t forget about National CBD Day! It falls on August 8th and has only been celebrated since 2017. As the name implies, it’s a day to celebrate and recognize CBD and its potential medicinal uses. Several studies are being conducted to explore CBD’s role in easing symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and pain reduction. While the FDA hasn’t approved CBD yet, with the growing discourse around the topic and growing research supporting its use, it’s only a matter of time.

While 2017 didn’t bring immediate results, in 2018, a cross-party effort achieved the 2018 Farm Bill Legislation. This bill included the legalization of growing low-THC cannabis, known as hemp. Since then, CBD sales have exploded across the nation.

Green Wednesday and Holiday Bustle

Shopping Green Wednesday doesn't have to be stressful, especially at locations such as MÜV Longwood, which features a drive through!

Much like Black Friday, providers are incorporating sales and new launches into their Green Wednesday promotions. MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Florida have a few ongoing promotions, such as:

New MÜV Patients receive a 25% discount

Patients who can show they’ve traveled 100 miles or more receive a 10% discount

Senior Citizens (those 55 and up) receive a 10% discount

Patients under the age of 18 receive a 25% discount

Veterans receive a 20% discount

Patient referrals receive discounts and bonuses

In-store promotions and sales

As with Black Friday retail stores, MÜV provides special discounts on, and leading up to, Green Wednesday and Black Friday. These sales are so good, we announce them the night before-make sure you’re subscribed to receive the details!

What are the implications of the rise of Green Wednesday?

For retailers, it seems like a no-brainer. Just like Black Friday is a great day for promotions (with sales increasing), Green Wednesday is the same, just for a more specific product. More exposure means higher sales and more acceptance. Holidays not only suggest an air of celebration and festive feelings, but also relaxation, and that’s just what a holiday like Green Wednesday should promote. With the precedent of the last five noted Green Wednesdays, this season will likely be even bigger.

For consumers, the gaining prominence of such holidays may reduce stigma and notions of taboo. As more states legalize cannabis and it gains notoriety in pop culture as a safe and sometimes preferable way to reduce stress and anxiety and possibly offer pain relief, the safer and wider the distribution becomes.

How Can You Celebrate Green Wednesday?

The best way to take part in Green Wednesday is to scoop up the dispensary discounts offered at your local MÜV Dispensaries just for the holidays. The holiday season does not have to leave you anxious and stressed, nor does family time.  

Some may want to keep things discreet, and there are a few options for this, like edibles. With all the holiday eating already going on, consuming edibles fits right into the festive atmosphere. Products such as the MÜV Chocolates and Wana Soft Chews are tasty and consistent options that provide long-lasting effects.

For more fast-acting relief, cannabis Inhalers provide quick delivery and offer a subtle way to medicate. They’re a familiar product for the user and look just like a regular inhaler, allowing patients to feel comfortable using them in what may not be the most discreet setting, i.e. grandma’s living room. Cannabis Oral Products are another easy-to-use, smoke-free form of delivery. With products like the Strain-specific RSO Tincture, THC Encaps, and Oral Spray, there is a variety of cannabis oral products ranging from isolated THC to the full entourage effect to suit all patients’ needs. Cannabis Transdermals, too, are a no muss, no fuss way of fast delivery. They provide clean and fast acting results very inconspicuously.

Green Wednesday is a great day to celebrate the legalization of marijuana and enjoy the many ways to consume cannabis. It’s a great day to recognize a win for the consumer as well as the grower, and recognize the potential that cannabis may have in the medical realm.

Mental Health for the Holidays

Anxiety and depression are just a few mental health concerns, particularly over the holidays. Feelings of despondency often increase during the time when others feel jolly and bright. And if discretion isn’t the concern for you, but mental health is, there are a few MÜV Strains that may help:

Cherry Punch—a cultivar known for its notes of cherry and vanilla, MÜV Patients have reported its effectiveness in quelling mood concerns from irritability to anxiety and depression.

Clementine—well-loved for its aiding in anxiety and stress, and easing headaches, according to MÜV Patients. Clementine provides notes of citrus and soft pepper..

Maui Wowie—according to MÜV Patients, this strain provides significant  relief from depression and stress symptoms As its name implies, Maui Wowie provides notes of tropical fruit.

Slurricane—a cultivar with standout notes of pepper and citrus, Slurricane provides relief from irritability, anxiety, and stress, according to MÜV Patients.

Modified Grapes—a cultivar with a unique aroma of burnt rubber and soft, sweet grapes, Modified Grapes is efficacious in easing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Triangle Kush—a classic Florida cultivar with notes of skunk and gas, Triangle Kush is ideal at easing irritability, anxiety, and stress, according to MÜV Patients.

These are just some of the strains that may assist with mental health related concerns. And, with Green Wednesday nearly upon us, now is the perfect time to try them out. You can also join our Strain Assessment Program, where real MÜV Patients measure the effectiveness of specific products and strains for their personal symptom management, furthering our knowledge on the efficacy of various cannabis products for different conditions.

Green Wednesday at MÜV

Don't let the holidays stress you out. Take a deep breath, a toke or two, and conquer the season!

The holidays can be a stressful and anxiety-fueled time of year, but they don’t have to be! With Green Wednesday right around the corner, now is a great time to try something new. You could even find a new favorite product that provides just the relief you need—whether from pain or mood disorders.

All your cannabis needs, from vape cartridges, topicals, oral products, edibles, and more can be found at our many MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Florida. The team at MÜV is made up of experts and caring individuals who pride ourselves on providing patients with the highest quality products and experience possible.

Want to make sure you don’t miss the Green Wednesday and Black Friday goodies? Make sure you’re subscribed to our emails to get the sale details sent straight to your inbox!

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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