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MÜV™ EnCaps™: Next Generation Cannabis

By Danyal Swan September 25, 2021

The Cannabis Encapsulation Technology MÜV Patients know and love has been patented in North America and Europe, under a new name.

EVOLVE has, well, evolved. EnCaps™ is the next iteration of our next generation cannabis technology – EnCaps, because it is an EnCapsulated technology.

THC and CBD are inherently fat-soluble compounds. This is why traditional topicals are ideal for localized pain relief; the cannabinoids dissipate in the upper layer of the dermis and provide relief where applied, never penetrating the bloodstream to provide full-body relief. EnCaps is the solution to this.

For MÜV Transdermal Gels and Patches, it works like this:

The MÜV Lab Team takes the beneficial cannabinoids and encases them in a micelle shell. This shell renders THC and CBD water-soluble instead of fat-soluble.

The shell is best thought of as a shuttle – the cannabinoids hop on the shuttle to bypass the fatty upper layers of the dermis. The shuttle doors open as they enter the watery bloodstream, unleashing the potentially anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic (pain relieving) compounds for distribution throughout the body for systemic relief.

The technology presents itself a little differently in the MÜV Cannabis Tincture. While the cannabinoids are encapsulated, this is to improve the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach, therefore mitigating the cannabinoids from being processed in your liver (for more details on this process, read here).

MÜV EnCaps cannabis capsules, too, benefit from the EnCaps technology. With the capsules, however, the capsule itself takes the cannabinoids to the stomach. There, the vegetable-based capsule opens up, releasing the encapsulated cannabinoids to be absorbed in the thinly lined stomach and into the bloodstream.

Patents are incredibly difficult to obtain in the cannabis space. Achieving the patent for EnCaps, a technology that provides systemic and fast-acting relief to Florida’s medical cannabis patients in smoke-free transdermal and oral options, is a true milestone for MÜV.

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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