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Review of the Puffco Plus Portable Vape Pen

By Brittiany Ralls November 14, 2022

Vape pens continue to rise as a top pick. These convenient devices come in a variety of styles and functions, allowing you even more freedom to choose the device that suits you. 
The Puffco Plus portable vape pen is currently making waves on the cannabis market due to its ease of use, reliability, and slick appearance. If you’ve been looking for the perfect vape pen for your needs, look no further than this handy, portable vape.

Why Choose to Vape?

Vape pens are a preferred choice for those who want an option that is discreet and easy to use. They work by using a heating element to heat cannabis-containing vape oil to a specific temperature, turning the oil into a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled, which allows the essential cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the oil to be absorbed into your system.

Benefits of vaping include the following:

No Combustion

When you smoke any substance, including tobacco or cannabis flower, the combustion involved produces byproducts that may be hard on sensitive lungs. Vaping is a popular option because it provides the feel of smoking without the combustion. This gives you the essential effects you need without smoke or other irritants.

Better Temperature Control

For those that rely on cannabis for medical relief, it is important to get the most out of each dose. When you smoke cannabis, you may lose cannabinoids and terpenes in the combustion process. When you vape, there is no combustion, and you can control the temperature better, ensuring that the benefits of your cannabis extract stay intact. 

Variety of Taste

Cannabis oil is available in a variety of assorted flavors, which can provide an exciting overall taste experience when inhaling cannabis vapes. Terpenes play an important role in how cannabis tastes and smells. When smoking cannabis, high temperatures may alter some terpenes, which can alter the taste. Since vapor is produced at a lower temperature, patients can still enjoy the enhanced flavors and other benefits terpenes provide. Some vape oils even contain flavor additives for an even smoother experience.

Lack of Smell

Discretion is important to many medical cannabis patients. Unfortunately, the smell produced by cannabis smoke can be a dead giveaway of consumption. However, vape oil smell is discreet, often fruity, and disappears from the air quickly.

Better Control of Dosage

Dosage is an important aspect of cannabis use. Too little and you may not receive the medicinal benefits you are seeking. Too much and you may have stronger effects than desired, which can impact your plans for the day. Vape pens allow you to take controlled puffs of precisely dosed concentrate, allowing greater control of how much you consume in a single session. 


Finally, many prefer vape pens due to convenience. Vape pens are small, making them easy to carry discreetly in a purse or pocket. They are also easy to use, often operated by just a push of a button. Vape pens are essentially all-in-one devices, so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra tools or accessories. 

What is the Puffco Plus Vape Pen?

Puffco Plus Vape Pen with Distillate Syringe

The Puffco Plus vape pen is a portable concentrate vaporizer. This award-winning vape produces an experience that closely mimics that produced by traditional dabs. If you’re not familiar with dabbing, it is a method of cannabis consumption where concentrated cannabis wax is put under intense heat, creating vapor that is easy to inhale through a pipe or rig. The Puffco Plus makes this process more convenient, efficient, and easy to do. 

Puffco Plus Features

Three Heat Settings

This device is perfect for cannabis newbies and seasoned medical patients alike. The Puffco Plus pen utilizes three different heat settings, allowing patients greater control when it comes to their consumption. 

Unique Mouthpiece

The Puffco Plus vape pen is probably most well-known for its one-of-a-kind mouthpiece that combines a splash guard, loading tool, and carb cap all in one. All you have to do is press down on the silicone top to extend a dart, which makes scooping concentrates easy. 

Coil-less Ceramic Chamber

The Puffco Plus features a coil-less ceramic chamber which is pressure sealed to ensure your concentrate is heated evenly, preventing scorching. This ensures that flavor isn’t compromised and can be fully enjoyed. 

Sesh-Mode Function

An exclusive feature unique to the Puffco Plus vape pen is the ability to utilize the “Sesh Mode” function. This allows the patient to set a 12-second continuous heat mode without having to hold down the button and provides a full medical dose with ease. 

Superb Use Time

The Puffco Plus vape pen boasts a fast charging time with long battery life. This makes it a convenient option for those who prefer to put minimal effort into their cannabis sessions. 

How Do I Use My Puffco Plus?

How To Use The Puffco Plus

One reason vape pens are a popular option for patients is that once you have a basic understanding of how vape pens work, you can get the hang of most varieties with ease. We also think you’ll love the convenience of using a pen versus other methods of consumption that can require a variety of tools and accessories, as well as extensive set-up time. 

To use your Puffco Plus pen, you’ll click the cloud button consecutively five times. This ensures that you are purposefully attempting to use your pen, versus an incidental button press. The function is designed to avoid unwanted heating and wasted concentrate. Click an additional four times to cycle through the different temperature settings.

The Puffco Plus temperature settings control the overall power of your vape experience. The lowest setting (green) is ideal for light, flavorful doses of concentrate. The medium setting (blue) may be just right for your needs. The highest setting (white) will deliver a large cloud of vapor for supremely effective results. No matter the heat setting you choose, for regular use, just hold down the cloud button and inhale as desired. Your pen will automatically shut off after eight seconds. 

Can You Smoke Flower Out of a Puffco Plus?

The Puffco Plus vape pen is designed to accommodate cannabis oil and concentrates. This pen can accommodate the use of different oils, such as essential oils, as long as they aren’t excessively sappy or runny. However, experts advise against smoking flower from a Puffco Plus pen! Dry herb could potentially damage or short the chamber, which is often impossible to fix and would require complete replacement.

Can You Put a Cart on a Puffco Plus?

Yes! Many prefer the use of carts with their vape pens. A cart is essentially a preloaded chamber of cannabis oil that can be easily attached to a vape pen. You can use any cart with 510 threading on your Puffco Plus.

How Much is a Puffco Wax Pen?

You can typically find the Puffco wax pen for a retail price ranging between $80-$120 at reputable cannabis dispensaries. Your purchase will include the device, cleaning swabs, and a USB charger. When used properly, this pen is a great investment.

Charging and Battery Life

As mentioned, the Puffco Plus vape pen is praised for its fast-charging capabilities and lasting battery. When the pen does run low, the battery light will flash ten times to indicate that it is time to charge. You’ll use the included USB charger and attach your pen to a power source. An uncharged battery will display a green light, then a red light to indicate charging. Supercharges should restore battery power within 35 minutes. 

The overall battery life will depend on your frequency of use as well as your desired temperature settings. In general, the pen should last an average of 30 Sesh Modes at the highest setting. As mentioned, Sesh Mode, with 12 seconds of continuous heat, will deplete the battery faster than taking small puffs with a single button press.

Is the Puffco Plus Vape Pen Worth It?

Puffco Plus Vape Pen

The Puffco Plus stands apart from the competition when it comes to delivering smooth and flavorful vapor. It is a common selection for medical patients who enjoy the experience of dabbing but not the process and tools necessary to do so. This pen provides superior ease of use, allowing you to easily load the desired concentrate, control the heat settings, and enjoy medical cannabis discreetly. 

The Puffco Plus vape pen is also great for those who need to utilize their pen on demand throughout the day. With its extended battery life and fairly rapid charging, you’ll never need to worry about losing power while on the go. As an added benefit, this vape pen is easy to use and easy to maintain. 

Content Writer for MÜV and Zen Leaf. Britt began exploring cannabis as a recreational user attempting to treat her migraines and depression. Finding success, she began to realize the many benefits of cannabis for a multitude of ailments. Her new-found knowledge prompted a move to Colorado, where she was able to medically treat her son with ADHD and aid her family in becoming healthier and happier. Realizing her passion for cannabis, she turned it into a career. Joining the industry as Medtender and moving into management gave Britt the knowledge needed to become a writer for a local cannabis culture magazine in Oklahoma and a leading voice in cannabis compliance.

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