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Product Feature: Encore RSO Soft Chews

By Danyal Swan July 27, 2023

Encore Cannabis Edibles are inspired by the power of music and its ability to capture a feeling. The edibles have infused the feeling of the encore, French for "again," into a host of tasty, delicious, and effective options, including RSO gummies. With Encore RSO Soft Chews, you can not only hear and feel the music but also taste it at every bite. These soft chews provide patients with a delicious and accessible way to experience the amazing benefits of RSO.

Get a taste of RSO below, including NEW Black Cherry hybrid, and insights as to why Encore RSO Soft Chews are not just one of Florida's favorites, but perhaps the greatest hit of the state's cannabis edibles.

What is RSO?

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a type of cannabis extract that's often called a full spectrum oil. This means it contains all the good stuff from the plant, like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and addition to the plant's chlorophyll, fats, and lipids. Some people think this full extract oil is better than distillate or concentrates, as the plant compounds work together for synergistic effects, also known as the entourage effect. RSO is second only to flower in terms of plant compounds present.

Because of the many elements in RSO, it looks like a sticky, gooey tar, ranging in color from a dark, deep brown to even green depending on the strain extracted - and is not suitable for smoking, ever. You'll most often find RSO in syringes, which can be a challenge to dose for those with dexterity issues. Thankfully, forward-thinkers like the formulations experts at MÜV have also crafted this extract into fast-acting capsules, tinctures, and of course, edible gummies!

No matter the way you choose to use RSO, it's important to remember that the potent oil provides intense effects and is incredibly potent, providing ~25 mg per grain of rice-sized piece. Always be sure to start with low dosing when starting RSO, or reach for Encore RSO Soft Chews.

Encore RSO Soft Chews

RSO has an incredibly distinct flavor and is incredibly potent. By infusing them into a soft chew gummy, not only do you get a great fruit edible, but consistent and customizable dosing. Encore RSO Soft Chews are a new genre, explored for their:

  • Fruit-forward flavors, used to lightly mask the cannabis flavor
  • Controlled dosing, as each gummy provides 10 mg THC
  • Customizable dosing, as you can cut the gummy in half for two 5 mg doses - ideal for beginners - or even quarters for a 2.5 mg dose

Naturally, with all of the benefits of RSO, Encore sought to create an all-natural option infused with the power of RSO, in hybrid, sativa, and indica options. Taste the details:

Black Cherry RSO Hybrid Soft Chews

Encore RSO Hybrid Gummies

Think of Black Cherry RSO Hybrid Soft Chews as the ultimate backstage pass to the coolest gig in town - the world of cannabis edibles. This isn't your typical, stuck-up, black-tie event. No, these gummies are like that indie band you just discovered, full of surprises and hitting all the right vibes. Each gummy is a jam session in itself, mixing the power of RSO with a chill hybrid blend. It's kind of like a sweet and sour playlist for your palate, starting slow and mellow, then building up to a crescendo of creativity and chill.

Black Cherry RSO Hybrid Soft Chews meet you where you need them, and are the ideal option for any time of day. Grab a pack, turn on your favorite playlist, and let this edible elevate your beat to new tempos.

Mango RSO Sativa Soft Chews

Encore Mango RSO Sativa Gummies
While packaging in Florida is all white per state guidelines, in states like Illinois, the packaging of Tropical Mango mimics the color of a mango.

You'll be saying, "Let the music play!" with Encore Mango RSO Soft Chews. These sativa soft chews, infused with uplifting, energizing strains, have 10 mg THC per gummy and 100 mg THC per package.

Not only will these chews have you feeling good, but they provide a burst of juicy mango flavor. And here's the best part: the texture of these soft chews is incredibly soft, making them a great option for patients who struggle with chewy or gummy types of edibles. Just like a well-composed song, these gummies are expertly crafted with a balance of flavors and effects.

Here's what a few Encore groupies had to say about the mango sativa option:

Personal opinion: EVERYONE would benefit from this--it's amazing and has radically changed my life for the better.


The best edibles I have had so far, I’m very picky I get very paranoid normally but these were so trippy and fun and made you have a great body feel and mental ride, great with friends and also as with most RSO products helps with my gut and GI issues. 10 out of 10!!!


This was an excellent product! It gave me a little kick of energy while helping me alleviate pain. I will definitely be purchasing these again!


Concord Grape RSO Indica Soft Chews

Encore RSO Indica Gummies
While packaging in Florida is all white per state guidelines, in states like Illinois, the Concord Grape option is grape in hue.

Encore RSO Concord Grape Soft Chews might just be the ultimate lullaby for insomniacs. Indica-dominant and crafted with soothing strains like Velvet Glove, these all-natural soft chews will rock you to sleep with their deeply sedating effects. The texture of the soft chew is so smooth and melty, it's like listening to a perfect harmony. You might even feel like you're drifting off to sleep on a cloud of sweet, grape-flavored music. So, hit play on your favorite relaxing tunes and let Encore RSO Concord Grape Soft Chews help you drift off to dreamland.

Whether you're in need of sound rest after a show or symptom relief, these gummies are worth keeping on-hand, according to these fans:

These are perfect for a sleep, even with bad insomnia.


Perfect for sleep and relief for both stress and pain.


I suffer from chronic pain and have problems sleeping because of it. This product helps control my pain and get a great night's sleep.


Reasons to Use RSO

RSO has been found to have numerous health benefits. Here are a few ailments that RSO has been said to help with:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sleep disorders
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Pruritus
  • Headaches
  • Poor appetite and weight loss
  • Chronic pain

All of these symptoms can come to fruition on their own, or due to chronic illnesses like cancer, MS, and many more. RSO gives many patients the opportunity to lead a more comfortable life, even possibly completely alleviating life-altering symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Encore RSO Soft Chews

If you're curious about Encore RSO Soft Chews and want to learn more, we've got you covered. As these premium cannabis edibles gain well-deserved attention, you may be wondering if they're vegan-friendly or how they compare to regular soft chews in terms of potency. Read on for more information.

Who is Rick Simpson?

So, you might be scratching your head and asking, "Why is RSO short for Rick Simpson oil?" Well, let me break it down for you.

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana advocate from Canada who was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer) in the early 2000s. Rick was no stranger to the healing benefits of the plant; he often used cannabis to treat his health problems and decided to take this self-medication a step further by making his own cannabis oils for his topical cancer.

Rick experimented with different oils that he made through trial and error, testing his homemade elixir on areas of his skin with cancerous growths and covering them with a bandage. At one point, within days, he noticed his skin getting better, and the physical markers of the basal cell carcinoma fading. From that moment on, he knew he had to get this miracle oil out to the world.

This potent oil was given the monicker Phoenix Tears, capturing what Rick believed was the wide-reaching healing power of the oil. Rick gave this concentrate away for free to Canadians who, like him, were seeking alternative means of therapy.

Now that you know the story of RSO, let's take a bite out of the Encore RSO Soft Chews flavors and formulations.

What is the Difference Between Encore RSO Soft Chews and Encore Soft Chews?

When it comes to Encore Soft Chews, the primary difference lies in the active ingredient, distillate, or RSO.

Distillate is the most commonly used active ingredient in cannabis edibles, including most chocolates, caramels, and Encore Soft Chews. Distillate is often used as it creates edibles with little to no cannabis taste; THC is isolated into a golden honey oil, then terpenes reintroduced to create sativa, hybrid, or indica effects.

In contrast, RSO Soft Chews use Rick Simpson Oil as the active ingredient. The full spectrum extract includes fats, lipids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and other elements from the plant, providing truly potent effects and a distinct "hashy," cannabis taste. RSO is known for its body-heavy effects and sedating properties, particularly when extracted from indica strains.

What are the Benefits of RSO Soft Chews Over Other Soft Chews?

RSO Soft Chews are a great way to enjoy full-spectrum benefits as they are made with a full-plant cannabis oil that contains more cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes compared to the THC distillate used to craft regular soft chews. However, RSO does have a distinct plant flavor that may not be for everyone. While some patients enjoy the effects of RSO, others may prefer the distillate-based soft chews that have very little cannabis oil taste.

Regardless of your flavor preference, Encore Edibles offers options, ensuring that you can find the perfect edible to suit your needs.

Are Encore Edibles Vegan?

Unfortunately, Encore Edibles are not vegan-friendly. If you're on the lookout for vegan options, MÜV RSO Tinctures are a great alternative! Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, MÜV RSO Tinctures are easy to dose, and both vegan and delicious.

What Edibles Other than Encore RSO Soft Chews are Available in Encore?

Discover the rich and flavorful world of Encore Edibles, a well-established brand with a strong reputation for creating artisanal-crafted, high-quality edibles that have been satisfying the taste buds of cannabis enthusiasts since 2016.

As edible users ourselves, we understand the importance of finding products made with premium ingredients, and that's exactly what Encore delivers. Their extensive line of goodies includes an array of delicious options, such as soft and juicy gummies, rich and creamy chocolates, buttery caramels, refreshing mints, and even sweet stones hard candies that are perfect for those hot days when most edibles may melt.

These edibles can be found not only at MÜV Dispensaries, but also at Zen Leaf, our sister retail dispensaries located in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio. So, no matter where you are, you can indulge in the delectable delights of Encore Edibles.

What Other RSO Products Are Available at MÜV?

RSO is a versatile cannabis extract that comes in various forms, making it easy for patients to find a consumption method that suits their preferences. These options include:

  • RSO Syringe, a plunger method where you use the scored lining to measure your dose, where each grain of rice-sized piece is ~25 mg.
  • RSO Dablicator™, which provides metered dosing of the oil.
  • RSO Tincture, a great intro product to RSO, as a dropper-full is 20 mg. The scored lines on the dropper allow you to measure much smaller doses to suit your needs.
  • RSO EnCaps Capsules, a 25 mg RSO option that is not strain-specific.

Some people prefer to use the oil directly from a syringe and apply it to a cracker or bread, while others prefer RSO tinctures or RSO capsules.

With so many different ways to dose RSO, patients can find the right method for their needs. For more information on the various ways to dose with RSO, be sure to check out our blog, Different Ways to Dose RSO.

Are RSO Soft Chews Stronger than Regular Soft Chews?

When comparing Encore RSO Soft Chews to Encore regular soft chews, both are dosed at 10 mg per gummy. However, RSO provides the added benefits of the entourage effect. This effect is the result of the synergistic interaction between cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which enhances the overall potency and effectiveness of the product.

While the gummies are the same dose, RSO Soft Chews will provide more potent effects because of the entourage effect. In other words, patients can experience more profound benefits by using RSO Soft Chews due to the interplay of multiple plant compounds that work together to amplify each other's effects.

Unlock the Healing Power of Music and Encore RSO Soft Chews Today!

Encore Cannabis Edibles FL
Encore Edibles

On that high note, the Encore RSO Soft Chews are a new favorite in the world of cannabis edibles, and for good reason! These chews are made with Rick Simpson Oil, which is a full-spectrum cannabis extract that contains a combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The mango and Concord grape-flavored soft chews are an excellent option for patients who want to experience the benefits of RSO in a delicious and accessible way with the benefits of precise dosing. Just like a good song, these chews are expertly crafted for a balance of flavors and effects, making them a must-try especially if you are creating or listening to music!

Need inspiration on what to listen to with your next medicating session? Head to the Zen Leaf Dispensary blog to explore Encore Edibles Playlists - but don't forget to place that order for your Encore RSO Soft Chews at an MÜV near Ü!

*This post was originally published on April 26, 2023, and updated on July 27, 2023, to include Black Cherry RSO Hybrid Soft Chews.


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Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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