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Encore RSO Soft Chews

An encore is a longing for more, deeply engrained in the connectedness felt in a musical setting, an intense hope for your personal favorite song.

We infused this feeling into Encore RSO Soft Chews.

Encore RSO Soft Chews are a potent way to receive the full-spectrum benefits of RSO in an easy-to-control dosing format, and the first RSO-infused edible in Florida. The potent cannabis oil is what’s called a full extract cannabis oil every piece of the cannabis plant, save the physical material, makes its way into RSO for a potent, full-body experience.

Each Encore RSO Soft Chew provides 10 mg of THC extracted from MÜV Strains and, for someone new to RSO but wanting to explore, can be easily split into two 5 mg pieces.

And, for those who have tried MÜV Soft Chews and wished they were more potent…Encore RSO Soft Chews are here with an encore of options:

Mango, a sativa formulation with tangy, juicy mango flavor and uplifting effects

Concord Grape, an indica formulation with all-natural, juicy, sweet grape flavor and deeply sedating effects

Sour Black Cherry, infused for synergy, these hybrid edibles provide balanced effects with a touch of euphoria and make for the ideal addition to any task. 

Not ready to pursue an RSO regimen? Check out Encore Cannabis Soft Chews.

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