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Bits Microdosing Soft Chew Edibles

Bits are the everyday cannabis edible that allows you to do more with less. A gentle alternative to indulging without overdoing it, Bits are perfect for anyone wanting to foray into microdosing soft chew edibles. The 20-pack bags of 5mg soft chews are crafted with pectin for a delightful chewy sensation, and available in a variety of natural flavors and formulations. Bits are the low-dose, high-functioning gummies crafted to enhance your daily routine. 

Guava – Infused with invigorating guava to help you get going, this formulation is ideal for the active individual seeking an extra dose of happiness in their day-to-day activities. 

Acai – Sprinkle a hint of passion on your day’s most intimate moments with the help of the natural acai aphrodisiac meant to inspire affection, in a hybrid formulation. 

Pomegranate 1:1 THC:CBN  – Crafted to encourage R&R through the natural pomegranate flavoring and beneficial CBN cannabinoid, this indica formulation is meant to ease you into sleep, not sedation. 

Elderberry 1:1 THC:CBD – Think wellness with this synergistic blend of THC and CBD mixed with the natural benefits of Elderberry for soothing relaxation and an antioxidant boost. 

Yuzu 1:1 THC:CBD – Yuzu is known for it’s mood-enhancing properties and therapeutic citrus fragrance and flavor. Blended with a low dose of CBD and THC, this indica Yuzu soft chew option is a relaxation routine essential.

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