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Sweet Supply Dart 1g Cannabis Pods

Make sure your vape is always ready to go with Sweet Supply 1g Cannabis Vape Pods. Crafted with premium distillate and blended with botanical terps for effects as sweet as each pod tastes, these mouthwatering strains provide additional variety to this powerful vape line.

The Dart 1g Pod offers perfect balance between high performance and compact design. The trusted hardware, the same as Sweet Supply 0.5g Pod, offers unrivaled vapor production with calibrated power and a specialized magnetic connection between the pod cartridge and power supply.

Dart 1g Pods are color-coded to match the strain varieties, with Yellow=Sativa, Blue=Indica, and Green=Hybrid:

  • Georgia Pie, a hybrid that tastes of sweet, fresh-baked peach pie, with relaxing yet stimulating effects.
  • Limoncello, a sativa with uplifting effects, amidst notes of citrus, mango, and pine.
  • Lime Sherbet Punch, a creamy, sugary sweet indica with relaxing effects.
  • Tiger’s Blood (NEW!), a fruity indica blend of ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon, and sweet coconut cream that packs a powerful punch.

Note, Sweet Supply Dart X battery sold separately.

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Sweet Supply 1g Dart Marijuana Vape

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