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Sweet Supply Dart X Vape Battery

The only thing sweeter than Sweet Supply vapes? The Sweet Supply Dart X battery. This variable voltage battery allows you to tailor the vaping temperature to your desires and includes a childproof safety setting. Now that’s pretty sweet, as is the design. Take a look at the features in detail:

  • Childproof lock: press the button 5 times to lock and unlock this setting. When unlocked and “On,” the button will light up 3 times. When locked and “Off,” the button will light up for 2 seconds then fade out.
  • Temperature (variable voltage): to switch between level 1 (6.5V), level 2 (7.5V), and level 3 (8.5V) heating temperatures, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The corresponding power level, located just above the button, will flash three times. To check your power setting, press the button once.
  • Battery level: to check the battery charge, insert a vape pod, or shake the battery twice. The setting level will flash three times.
  • Specs: 480mAh. 2.97″H x 1.13″W x 0.5″D.

Dart 0.5g and 1g Vape Pods sold separately.

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Sweet Supply Dart X Battery