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The Essence 0.5 g Vape Cart

The Essence 0.5 g vapes are signature strains, always in stock and always at your fingertips. Crafted with ultra-refined distillate boosted with natural fruit and plant terpenes, these color-coded cartridges (sativa = yellow, hybrid = green, indica = blue, 1:1 = clear) deliver convenient, reliable, and potent effects, matched with unparalleled flavor. 

The Essence – encompassed in the collection of signature strains to enhance everyday moments, providing the essence of our favorite plant.

Taste The Essence vapes in: 

Jack Herer, Ahh, Jack Herer. This The Essence 0.5 g sativa cart is one of the most legendary strains in existence and one of our all-time favorites. Known for its cerebral euphoria, giddy, and clear-headed effects, Jack Herer has been a longtime favorite for creative pursuits.

Master Kush, this 0.5g indica vape cartridge provides a “vintage” flavor, thanks to notes of incense and earthy citrus. This popular strain provides a superb balance of full-body relaxation without mind-numbing effects.

Maui Wowie, a sativa strain that tastes like a basket of tropical fruit. This cart is the synergy of exotic terpenes with potent cannabinoids, crafted to melt stress away and infuse energy.

Canna-Tsu, a 1:1 THC:CBD option that provides cerebral and body-balancing effects. This strain tastes of citrus and hops.

OG Kush, yet another classic strain revered for its energizing and balancing effects. This hybrid cart tastes powerfully of pine, with a citrusy finish.

Blueberry, a powerful indica with subtle notes of fruit. This cart is a great bedtime aid, with relaxing and soothing effects.

Black Mamba, a sweet grape indica beloved by patients. This strain provides a dose of euphoria that mellows into a state of deep relaxation.

Guava Gelato, with an exotic meld of tropical fruit flavors, this indica strain offers euphoric, creative effects that ease into a comforting calm.

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