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MÜV Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges

Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges are crafted with flash-frozen buds to produce a high-terpene, live hash oil with a slightly viscous consistency and a blast of flavor. The hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate provides robust cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid content to produce the entourage effect and full-spectrum benefits. Live resin will appear very light yellow – almost clear – to light gold in the cartridge depending on the strain extracted. Vaping Live Resin carts will smell very pungent, reminiscent of a dab upon exhale, with scent dissipating in minutes. This cart should taste exactly like taking a dab of live resin concentrate – expect a rapid onset of effects from the specific strain from which it’s extracted.

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MÜV Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges