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Savvy 1 g Vape Cartridge

Choosing cannabis strains should be as simple as choosing how you want to feel. From happy and chatty to blissfully at ease, Savvy 1 g cartridges offer a state of mind. Find yours:

Rainbow Sherbet (Indica)

You kicked @&$ today – it’s time to Kick Back. Puff and chill with Rainbow Sherbet, a sweet berry-flavored indica.

Peaches & Cream (Hybrid)

Vacay meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go. Fly first class with Vacay (Peaches & Cream), in a 1g cartridge.

Juicy Mango (Sativa)

Lift your spirit without the spirits. Happy Hour (Juicy Mango) is the refreshing cannabis elixir you can’t help reaching for, in a 1g cartridge.

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