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MÜV 2023 Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide

By Danyal Swan December 4, 2023

The gifting season is upon us! While this time is without a doubt fun-filled and enjoyable, there's an undeniable layer of stress added as well. It should come as no surprise that we're always thinking of Ü. Whether you're a Cozy Cannasseur or an edible baker, a swag lover or a bulk buyer, a budget shopper or a splurger, we've curated a list of our favorite cannabis gifts for Ü...from Ü!

This 12 days of Christmas gifts – or 8 nights of Hanukkah plus 4 bonus days – is sure to get you into the holiday spirit, sans stress. Go on, explore the latest, greatest, and greenest gifts of the season!

The Cozy Cannasseur Gift Guide

It's cooling down in Florida – our dresses and short sleeves are being swapped for jeans and pants, flannels and long sleeves – and homes are heating up. Folks are cozying up by the fire, cocoa in one hand and joint in the other, enjoying the reprieve from the summer heat. This season, cozy up with the comforts you crave this holiday, with the help of our cozy cannabis gift guide.  

Cannabis Flower

Cozy Guide Cannabis Flower

We're not sure which is more relaxing, rolling a joint or smoking one. Either way, your day will surely be coziest when paired with your favorite soothing strain. Whether MÜV, Savvy, Sweet Supply, or Verano Reserve is your go-to, you truly can't go wrong. Our favorite cozy day strains? Cherry on Top, Fruit Pops, and Gascotti.

Bits Pomegranate

Cozy Guide Pomegranate Bits

Put life on "do not disturb" with Pomegranate Bits. These low-dose edibles encourage R&R, perfect for any cold Florida day. Infused with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per bit, you're sure to find staycation-worthy rest, whenever you need it most.

Encore RSO Soft Chews

Cozy Guide RSO Soft Chews

Encore Concord Grape RSO Soft Chews are like a hug for your entire body. Loaded with 10mg indica RSO, these edibles are the titrated, chewy dose of the full-spectrum extract you can count on. These gummies are a patient-favorite, for good reason: reliable effects, relaxation, and a great night of sleep.

CBD-Infused Socks 

The shift in seasons brings many joys, but it also introduces an unwelcome guest: chilly floors and the inevitable cold feet. This is the season when fuzzy socks become our cherished companions. This year, elevate your cozy routine with Earth Therapeutics' hemp oil-infused fuzzy socks. Infused with nourishing shea butter and aloe vera, these socks are not just about warmth; they offer a soothing treat for your feet. Why stop at one? Grab a couple of pairs and ensure your toes stay toasty and pampered all season long!

Woodwick Candle 

Embrace the essence of comfort with a scene straight out of a cozy evening fantasy: nestled by a glowing fire, sipping hot cocoa, and savoring the relaxation of a joint. For those without a fireplace, Woodwick candles offer a delightful alternative. Crafted with a unique wooden wick, these candles mimic the soothing sounds of a crackling fire. Choose the Fireside fragrance to recreate the authentic aroma of burning logs, or opt for Vanilla Bean for a warm, home-baked scent that fills your space. Light one up and immerse yourself in a canna-cozy atmosphere every time.

Bearaby Blanket

If you have a friend with a weighted blanket, they’ve probably ranted and raved about them to you...probably unprovoked. It's for good reason. Weighted blankets are renowned for their ability to naturally enhance the body's serotonin and melatonin levels, promising a more restful sleep. They're an ideal gift for your friends who appreciate cozy comforts or even a treat for yourself. To further amplify this serene experience, consider pairing the weighted blanket with Bits Pomegranate gummies for ultimate relaxation.

The Splurge Cannabis Gift Guide 

Upgrade your stash with a big-ticket item. Go on – you've been good all year! Treat yo'self to something like:   

Dr. Dabber

Splurge Guide MÜV x Dr. Dabber

The perfect splurge gift to treat yourself? The MÜV x Dr. Dabber XS, if you're a dabber, that is! Its small-but-mighty devices is specifically aimed at on-the-go use, featuring spill-proof glassware, a handy filling tool, an attached carb cap leash, and four customizable temperature settings. This mini dab rig is designed to elevate your experience anywhere, anytime.

Verano Reserve Bud

Splurge Guide Verano Reserve Bud

The best of the best cannabis flower. Harvested at its peak, dried and cured to perfection, and hand-trimmed, Verano Reserve flower checks all of the boxes. Not any strain can make it to this elite tier; only the highest potency and terps gain this favor. Look out for patient-favorites Gelato 41, Gascotti, and new Tropical Teeth.

Live Rosin Coin

Splurge Guide Live Rosin Coin

Experience dabbing like never before with the On The Rocks Live Rosin Coin. This solvent-free concentrate, made using live flower and ice water extraction, offers the truest representation of the cannabis plant in potent form. Each strain undergoes thorough testing to guarantee only the most exceptional textures reach your rig. Discover the pure essence of cannabis with every dab.

Edie Parker Burn Bag

Green gals, be the envy of your fellow cannasseurs with the Edie Parker Burn Bag. A charming crossbody marvel, featuring a cleverly designed retractable lighter that can be accessed from outside the bag. This chic accessory ensures you'll never have to ask around for a light again, making it both a functional and fashionable statement piece!


Experience the perfect balance of subtle aroma and rich flavor with the Volcano Classic, the premier choice for tabletop dry herb vaping. Its precise temperature controls let you tailor your vaping experience to your exact preferences, and convection heating ensures smooth, effortless draws without any harshness. Built for longevity, users rave about the durability of this device, with many reporting over 10 years of reliable use. Discover why the Volcano Classic remains a top choice for cannsseurs.


Dabbing purists don't need an e-nail, they deserve one. This innovative device transforms the dabbing ritual by eliminating the need for a blowtorch. The e-nail features a coil that effortlessly wraps around bangers, heating them to an exact temperature. This means no more guesswork or constant checking; just a precise, consistent dabbing experience every time, blending tradition with modern convenience.

The Swag Marijuana Gift Guide 

Deck the halls and your wardrobe this year with cannabis swag. From our favorite MÜV merch to cannabis streetwear, these pieces are sure to become staples in your wardrobe.

Heads up, the MÜV tees are available in select locations: Fort Myers - Colonial, Jacksonville - Skymarks, Lakeland, North Port, Orlando - Vineland, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota - Fruitville, Shalimar, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Tampa - Dale Mabry, Wellington, and West Melbourne.

MÜV Cannabis Club Flamingo Tee

Swag Cannabis Guide Cannabis Club Tee

Embrace Florida cannabis' tropical roots with our Cannabis Club T-shirt, featuring a captivating flamingo design. This shirt seamlessly combines the essence of relaxation with a hint of whimsy. The premium cotton fabric offers unrivaled comfort, making it a perfect choice for both casual outings and laid-back gatherings. Stand out from the crowd and express your unique style while embracing the carefree spirit of the Cannabis Club.

Savvy Threads Streetwear

Swag Cannabis Guide Savvy Threads

Savvy is inspired by culture, and Savvy Threads is bringing this to life in new ways. The streetwear brand pairs art with strains, showcasing the best of cannabis culture. Nondescript and fashion-forward, these live-in pieces are sure to be a staple in your swag wardrobe.

MÜV Plants in Ruskin Tee

Swag Cannabis Guide Plants in Ruskin Tee

Embrace the roots of the MÜV cannabis journey with the Plants in Ruskin pocket t-shirt. Just like our plants, this shirt is crafted with care, a stylish tribute to our humble, small-town beginnings. The soft fabric ensures a cozy fit, while the pocket adds a touch of functionality. Wear it proudly and let the world know that every great journey begins with a single step – or in our case, a single plant.

The Baker Gift Guide

Did you dive into making your own homemade edibles this year? If so, kudos! We love a good homemade infusion – it allows you to tailor your dose and the flavors to your exact liking! Take a look at some of our must-haves for baking homemade edibles:

RSO Dablicator™

Baker Marijuana Gift Guide RSO Dablicator

One of the most exciting additions to MÜV? The RSO Dablicator™. This innovative applicator takes the mess from dosing the strain-specific full extract cannabis oil, and the guesswork, too. Each click is a metered dose of RSO, making dosing – including for our favorite, homemade RSO-infused edibles – as simple as a click.

Savvy Flower

Baker Cannabis Guide Savvy Flower

For the purists who crave the kushy flavor of flower-infused edibles, Savvy flower is the way to go. These portable buds are as high in THC and terps as Verano Reserve, MÜV, and Sweet Supply flower, just in smaller form. Wallet-friendly and almost always at a steal of a deal, this flower is perfect for infusing your next batch of goods.

Bits Guava

Baker Cannabis Gift Guide Bits Guava

Take the baking edge off with Bits Guava. These edibles are infused with 5mg THC and all-natural flavors for an invigorating microdose. Happiness and Bits Guava go hand-in-hand, so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing throughout the baking and cleaning process.

Magical Butter

There's a name everyone thinks of when creating infused butter, and that's Magical Butter. The state-of-the-art machine allows for precise temperature control when infusing butters and oils for the perfect extraction, all in a stainless steel pitcher akin to a tea kettle. What we love about Magical Butter, besides the easy infusing, is the self-cleaning function! Just remember to decarb your flower before tossing it in.

Bong Appétit

Itching to expand your infused recipe book? Look no further than Bong Appétit. This collection of homemade edible recipes includes sweet and savory dishes, with a sprinkle of research and flavor and strain pairings. Trust us, this is sure to become your most-bookmarked cookbook!

Shop via Bookshop, a website that benefits local, independent bookstores. 

If you're an avid baker of cookies, both medicated and not, this tool is a total game-changer. The handheld device scoops each cookie dough ball to the perfect size to ensure the perfect bake with each batch. Talk about easy and delicious!

The Seniors Marijuana Gift Guide 

Seniors 55+, this list was curated just for Ü! Low-dose edibles, topicals, and more are smoke-free options for any time of day. And, don't forget, you'll get 10% savings on any options not on sale!

MÜV 1:1 Inhaler

Senior Cannabis Guide Inhaler

Did you know that cannabis inhalers were the first product developed for MÜV? Intended to mimic an albuterol inhaler, this familiar device doses a metered 2mg per actuation. Cannabinoids are optimized to ensure a harsh-free inhalation that reaches the bronchial airways effectively. Explore in THC and 1:1 THC/CBD options.

Bits Microdose Edibles

Senior Cannabis Guide Bits Edibles

Low dose, high function. Bits Microdose Edibles are the perfect addition to any routine. Crafted with 5mg THC per bit, they're intended to enhance, not overdo, with the benefit of all-natural, fruit-flower flavors. Explore Bits in Guava, Acai, Pomegranate 1:1 THC/CBN, and Elderberry 1:1 THC/CBD.


Seniors Cannabis Gift Guide Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are the best way to explore a new strain. Cost-effective, portable, and always a hit (we had to), they're pre-rolls skip the nuisance of rolling so you can get straight to enjoying. Our favorites? MÜV and Verano Reserve 5-Packs – at 0.7g per pre-roll, they're the easiest eighth you can find.

MÜV EnCaps™ Tinctures

Senior Cannabis Guide Encaps Tincture

The customizable oral option. MÜV EnCaps™ Tinctures are a phenomenal way to take advantage of the long-lasting effects of oral products, at a dose that works for you. Each full dropper is equivalent to ~10mg THC, with the titrated lines on the dropper allowing you to measure precisely. Our favorite part? Thanks to EnCaps technology, these tinctures are water soluble, so you can add to your favorite beverage. Dose sublingually for effects in 15 min! Note, EnCaps Tinctures contain trace amounts of alcohol.

MÜV Transdermal Patches

Senior Cannabis Guide TD Patch

Most cannabis options max out at 8 hours of effects, but that's not the case with MÜV Transdermal Patches. Formulated with patented EnCaps technology, these small-but-mighty topicals microdose a steady 0.24mg of cannabinoids per hour over 72 hours. This low, steady dose enters the bloodstream thanks to EnCaps, providing systemic benefits – we recommend placing on veinous area for maximum benefits. Water-resistant and long-wear, find your dose in THC, CBD, and 1:1 THC/CBD options.

MÜV Evolve Gel

Senior Cannabis Guide TD Gel

Aches and pains are no match for Evolve Transdermal Gel. Leveraging EnCaps technology, the 1:1 topical provides 4mg THC and 4mg CBD per pump to target pain and inflammation in tandem, and the THC 8mg THC for pain. This cannabis topical reaches the bloodstream, touting systemic benefits when applied to veinous areas, or more localized relief when applied to muscles.

The Bulk Buyer Cannabis Gift Guide

Are you a prepper, one that ensures your stash is never low? Take a look at our favorite products to stock up with, from bulk carts to potent edibles.

The Essence 1g Carts

Bulk Buyer Guide The Essence 1g Carts

There’s a lot to love about the changing seasons, but one clear downside? Cold floors, and therefore, cold feet. It’s this time of year that we’re all thankful for fuzzy socks. Instead of a go-to basic pair, why not upgrade your cozy pal’s sock game with a pair of hemp oil-infused fuzzies from Earth Therapeutics? Loaded with shea butter and aloe vera, these essentials are as soothing as they are warming. 

Savvy Cannabis Bud

Nothing says cozy like being curled up by the fire, a warm cup of cocoa in one hand and a joint in the other. For those of us without a fireplace, Woodwick candles are the next best thing. The wick is – you guessed it – made of wood, simulating the ambiance of a crackling fireplace. Whether you go for scent Fireside for that true burning-log feeling or Vanilla Bean to fill your home with the rich scent of baked goods, you’re sure to feel canna-cozy each time you light up. 

Encore RSO Edibles

Cannabis Gift Guide RSO Soft Chews

Encore RSO Soft Chews are ideal for any bulk buyer. These gummy edibles are a more potent dose compared to the traditional distillate options. Full-spectrum, full-extract cannabis oil lends more intense effects. They're consistent, too – these indica and sativa terpene formulations ensure you'll always know what you're getting.

The Tulip Stash Box Kit

The Tulip Kit is the ultimate organizer for those who like to keep their stash in bulk. Thoughtfully designed with a compartment that snugly fits two eighth jars, complete with a marker for easy labeling, and a dedicated space for your leftover ground bud in a small jar, and yet another for grinder and accessories, it covers all your needs. And the cherry on top? The kit comes equipped with a mini rolling tray, a mini smell-proof bag, and Boveda packs to keep your stash fresh. Tulip truly provides all a bulk stasher needs!

Stona Large Herb Grinder

Stona is turning cannabis accessories to statement, on-display-worthy art. Crafted with cherrywood, deep gray glass, and your choice of colored topper, this. issure to be a coffee table piece. The grinder slices instead of shredding bud and comes with two sizes to find your perfect bud.

The Wake and Bake Mug

If you're a bulk buyer and enjoy their cannabis throughout the day, the Wake and Bake mug is an ideal addition. This unique mug combines the beloved morning duo of coffee and cannabis (a perfect match for those in the know). It's designed to let the you enjoy both brew and bud from the same vessel. Plus, it offers a convenient cleaning advantage: washing the coffee mug also cleans the bowl, a practical and enjoyable win-win for any cannabis enthusiast.

The Cannasseur Gift Guide

You know it all. You’ve tried it all. Here are some gifts for you Cannasseurs, from potent tinctures and extracts to stash-worthy vapes. 

Strain-Specific Tincture

We're going to come right out and say it: tinctures don't get the love they deserve. In a medical state where edibles are capped at 10mg per piece and 100mg per package, they should be the obvious go-to for those needing a macrodose – the RSO Strain-Specific Tincture in particular. The coconut-oil based tincture is infused with potent, strain-specific RSO, delivering full-body effects at as small or large a dose you need.

Live Rosin Badder

The pinnacle of dabbing. On The Rocks solventless ice water extracted concentrates are a potent expression of the live plant. Each strain is rigorously R&D'ed to ensure the best texture for you. Live Rosin Badder is fit for your dabbing dreams; a creamy texture loaded with terpenes and THC for a dose you won't soon forget.

Verano Reserve Diamonds

Diamonds are a dabber's best friend. Live flower, BHO extracted and a crash of THCa creates the potent, head rush of a dose. Diamonds are immersed in terpene sauce for a flavor-rich and sensory experience that you'll come back for time and time again.

Live Resin Vapes

Vaping is a popular way to get your daily dose, and Live Resin is sure to be a Cannasseur's favorite. Crafted by flash-freezing flower after harvest to ensure a robust cannabinoid and terpene count, these vapes pack a potent punch.

Live Resin Dablicator™

Hydrocarbon extracted to retain max terps and THC, live resin is a potent extract in and of itself, but when paired with the Dablicator hardware, becomes a true force to be reckoned with. Each twist and click delivers a metered dose for your sesh, whether that's a quick dab, an infused edible, or simply orally dosing on its own. Yum!

$10 Mission Green Donation

If you're a Cannasseur passionate about cannabis reform, consider donating to Mission Green. The organization works tirelessly on behalf of those incarcerated, advocating for their compassionate release, as well as providing support behind and post-release. This is a gift you'll feel good about.

The Marijuana Gift Guide for Parents

Parents, find your bliss with our handpicked cannabis gifts. Low-dose edibles and mints, non-psychoactive topicals, and a book that praises the benefits of cannabis, you're sure to sway M&D to THC.

MÜV Hydrating Lotion

Parents Cannabis Gift Guide Hydrating Lotion

Did you know THC is a vasodilator, meaning it can increase blood flow? It's why MÜV Hydrating Lotion is a skincare staple for many a patient. Infused with natural oils, shea butter, rosemary mint, safflower, rose hips, vitamin E, antioxidant-rich green tea, and 60mg THC and 60mg CBD, this is sure to be a staple in your skincare routine.

Sweet Supply

The sweets you don't have to share. Sweet Supply is a decadent suite of cultivars with sugary sweet notes, and effects as delicious as they taste. From ultra-discreet vapes to dab-worthy extracts, pre-rolls and flower, there's something every patient can enjoy in this sweet collection.

Bits Elderberry Wellness

THC and CBD are the dynamic duo, and in the Bits line, a go-to for many. Measuring at 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, these low-dose edibles are sure to take the edge off without any pesky paranoia, making them a great foray into consumables or ease stress away while remaining present.

MÜV All-in-One

No cartridge attachment, no charging, just grab and go. The MÜV All-in-One has been a patient favorite for years. Featuring rotating strains harvested from the MÜV Cultivation, the vapes offer a convenient and low-odor way to explore the best cultivars in Florida.

MÜV Meltaways

Freshen up with a bit of THC. MÜV Meltaways are delightful take on mints, providing a 5mg dose with each meltaway. Featured in flavors Wintermint, Cinnamon, and Tangerine 1:1 THC/CBD, these little treats allow you to step back and savor the taste, if only for moment.

Ease 1:1 Cannabis Oil

Cannabis-infused Ease Oil for her ensures personal care starts down there. THC brings unique topical effects to her most sensitive areas during all stages of life, potentially easing discomfort and dryness, and CBD brings anti-inflammatory properties, all while bringing pleasure and intimacy to new heights.

The Budget Bud Gift Guide

Stuff your stockings and theirs, without breaking the bank.

Savvy Travelers

Cannabis Gift Guide Savvy Disposables

What sets Savvy vapes apart? The States of Mind 300mg disposable units. Catering to your unique needs this holiday season, whether it's a boost of upliftment, a moment of relaxation, or finding that perfect balance, Savvy provides a diverse range of options designed to align with your specific mood requirements. Find yours in Summer Melon, Pineapple Mimosa, and Fresh Berry.


Cannabis Gift Guide Pre-rolls

The OG grab-and-go cannabis option. Pre-rolls are a great way to sample and savor a strain, packed to perfection for each sesh. Grab a single Verano Reserve, MÜV, or Sweet Supply 0.7g pre-roll, or opt for a Verano Reserve or MÜV 5-Pack, AKA the easiest eighth in Florida.

MÜV Dugout

Cannabis Gift Guide Dugout

Are you a one-hit wonder? Snag the MÜV Dugout! This wooden container houses ground flower and a one-hitter for the ideal load-and-go option. The dugout and one-hitter are a breeze to clean, and even easier to pack.

The Treat Yo'Self Cannabis Gift Guide

You’ve made the nice list, treat yourself to something just as grand as you are.

Heads up, the Revelry kit is available in select locations: Fort Myers - Colonial, Jacksonville - Skymarks, Lakeland, North Port, Orlando - Vineland, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota - Fruitville, Shalimar, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Tampa - Dale Mabry, Wellington, and West Melbourne.

Live Resin Dablicator™ Applicator

Cannabis Gift Guide Live Resin Dablicator

Hydrocarbon extracted to retain max terps and THC, live resin is a potent extract in and of itself, but when paired with the Dablicator hardware, becomes a true force to be reckoned with. Each twist and click delivers a metered dose for your sesh, whether that's a quick dab, an infused edible, or simply orally dosing on its own. Yum!

Peppermint Dark Chocolates

Peppermint Dark Chocolate Cannabis Edibles

There's no better edible treat than MÜV Peppermint Dark Chocolates. At 10mg THC per piece (or 5mg per segment), this candy-cane-free take on peppermint bark is as effective as it is delicious. Inside tip: when you see 'em on shelves, snag 'em. They consistently sold out after each shipment when they first graced shelves in 2021!

Puffco Proxy

Cannabis Gift Guide Puffco Proxy

Treat yo'self to the Puffco Proxy: a sophisticated, modular vaporizer that elevates your cannabis experience with unparalleled versatility. Its distinctive design features a detachable base, allowing you to personalize the device with a range of compatible accessories and bespoke glass pipes crafted by third-party artists. Equipped with four precisely calibrated heat settings, the Proxy caters to your individual dosing preferences, blending style with functionality for a truly customized vaping journey.

Apothecarry Storage and Humidity Jar

Up your stash with the Apothecarry Storage and Humidity Jar. This chic, wine glass is topped with a wooden lid, specially designed with a slot for the two included Boveda packs, guaranteeing optimal freshness for every bowl or joint. The jar also comes with a rewritable label option, adding a convenient touch to ensure you always know what's in your stash. It's a stylish and practical solution that elegantly combines their two passions.

MÜV x Revelry Rolling Kit

The ultimate smoker's delight? The exclusive Revelry x MÜV Cannabis Kit. Designed for the discerning cannabis enthusiast, this kit is both smell-proof and water-resistant, ensuring your essentials stay protected and discreet. Inside, you'll find all the cannabis must-haves: a rolling tray, a grinder, all conveniently packed in a smell-proof bag. The Rolling Kit is ideal for on-the-go use, fitting seamlessly into your backpack for easy access wherever your MÜV adventures lead you!

Boveda Mini Toker Gift Bundle

Winter's dryness isn't just tough on your skin, but your bud, too. To keep your flower in prime condition, consider the Boveda Mini Toker Bundle. These compact, powerful packs are designed to preserve the vital terpenes in your strains by maintaining optimal moisture levels, all without the need for water. The bundle includes 10 Boveda packs and features a highly sought-after CVault container. This container is both smell-proof and airtight, ensuring your cannabis remains fresh and fragrant, and spacious enough to hold up to 1/2 oz of your favorite strain.

The Festivus Marijuana Gift Guide

Our version of Festivus might just be a bit more enjoyable than the one the Costanza family had in mind. And while we're all for airing grievances – remember, it's always better to express than suppress – we suggest opting for a vape or pre-roll instead of a Festivus pole to help ease the mood. Dive into our favorite product releases of 2023 and find the perfect accompaniment to your Festivus celebrations.

Sweet Supply

Skip to the good stuff. Sugary- and fruity-sweet, Sweet Supply cannabis is an array o mouthwatering strains from scent to flavor. Showcased in flower and pre-rolls, shatter, crumble, budder, and Dart vapes, you're sure to keep Sweet Supply on hand for an anytime of day dessert vibe.

The Essence

Cannabis Gift Guide 1:1 EnCaps Tincture

Time is our most precious resource, and The Essence was created to make it count. Each strain is rigorously phenohunted and cultivated with care to provide you the best experience, showcased in timeless formats: flower, pre-rolls, and vapes.

On The Rocks

Cannabis Gift Guide_On The Rocks

You haven't experienced solventless unless you've tried. On The Rocks. Created with live flower and ice water extraction, these concentrates are the truest expression of the plant. Strains are extensively tested to ensure only the best textures make their way to your rig, vape pen, or edibles. Available now in Live Rosin Coins, Badder and Vapes, but stay tuned – more textures and options are coming soon (sneak peek above!).

Bits Microdose Edibles

Baker Cannabis Gift Guide Bits Guava

Microdosing made easy. Bits edibles were crafted to enhance, not overtake, to help you elevate your day-to-day. Whether cleaning or grocery shopping, cooking or working out, or simply for a self care night, the 5mg THC and all-natural flavors are sure to get you where you need to go. Choose your Bits with uplifting Guava, balancing Acai, soothing Elderberry 1:1 THC/CBD, and relaxing Pomegranate 1:1 THC/CBN.

Savvy Vapes

Festivus Cannabis Gift Guide_Savvy Vapes

The hardest option when choosing a Savvy Vape? Choosing your State of Mind. Crafted to simulate Happy Hour, Vacay, and Kickback vibes wherever you are – and whenever you need them – these vapes were an exciting addition to Florida options. Find your State of Mind with 300mg Summer Melon, Pineapple Mimosa, and Fresh Berry or 1g Peaches & Cream, Juicy Mango, and Rainbow Sherbet.

RSO Soft Chews

Cannabis Gift Guide RSO Soft Chews

RSO Soft Chews are an exciting option that make RSO accessible for everyone. These gummy edibles are a more potent dose compared to the traditional distillate options, as full-spectrum, full-extract cannabis oil lends more intense effects. Thankfully for newbies, they're consistent, too – these indica and sativa terpene formulations and 10mg dose ensure you'll always know what you're getting.

The Discreet Cannabis Gift Guide

For those who prefer their dosing on the subtler side, this gift guide is tailored for you. Equip yourself with our curated list, perfect for navigating the upcoming holiday gatherings. It's designed to help you let go of stress and anxiety, and, naturally, get into the festive holiday spirit.

MÜV Lozenges

Cannabis Gift Guide Lozenge

Looking for a sugary sweet and discreet pick-me-up? MÜV Lozenges should be your go-to! These hard candy edibles are so nondescript they'll leave family none the wiser at the inevitable large dinner. The hardest part? Picking a flavor – choose from Green Apple and Orange at 10mg each, or Wildberry 1:1 10mg THC/10mg CBD.

Sweet Supply Dart

Whether 0.5g or 1g, you're sure to find your new favorite sweet vape flavor. Crafted with distillate and infused with botanical terps, these mouthwatering strains provide a punch of flavor and effects. Explore in 0.5g OG Kush 1:1 THC/CBD, Blue Dream, Lemonade Kush, Mnago Kush, Gruntz, Rainbow Belts, and Watermelon Zkittlez, or 1g Limoncello, Georgia Pie, and Lime Sherbet Punch.

MÜV Caramels

Cannabis Gift Guide Caramels

For a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth dose, look no further than MÜV Caramels. Crafted by confectionary cannasseurs, each batch is handcrafted for a consistent 10mg dose. Explore in flavors Classic Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel, and Caramel Apple.

$10 Mission Green Donation

If you're a Cannasseur passionate about cannabis reform, consider donating to Mission Green. The organization works tirelessly on behalf of those incarcerated, advocating for their compassionate release, as well as providing support behind and post-release. This is a gift you'll feel good about.

Encore + MÜV Soft Chews

When it comes to soft chew edibles, Encore and MÜV reign supreme in Florida. Crafted with pectin for a delectable texture (that doesn't melt in summer!), each fruit flavor sings with little to no cannabis taste, despite the 10mg THC (and minor cannabinoids for select flavors!). The hardest part? Choosing which of the 14 fruity delights to take home.

Pot~Pourri Odor Eliminating Spray

From the makers of Poo~Pourri – yes, you read that right – comes Pot~Pourri, the multi-use spray we’ve all been waiting for.The "High Hopes" scent combines the refreshing aromas of lemon and clove essential oils, perfect for neutralizing smoky odors. Whether you're freshening up the air, your couch, or even yourself, this spray has got you covered. And the cherry on top? Users rave about its effectiveness, comparing it to the renowned efficiency of the original before-you-go spray.

Happy Holidays, from All of Us at MÜV

MÜV Cannabis Gift Guide

You made it through our 12 Days of Christmas cannabis gifts journey, or 8-day Hanukkah guide plus four extra days of surprises! We firmly and thoroughly believe in treating yourself this time of year and hope our selection of cannabis-focused gifts help spark some inspiration.

Regardless of how you celebrate or what your preferences are, remember to cherish the highs and lows of the past year, ruminate on the adventures awaiting in the new year, and, above all, appreciate the people in your life. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ü, our patients, for joining us on this festive journey.

From all of us at MÜV, have a happy holiday!

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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