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MÜV Movies and Cannabis Club: Staycation Edition

By Brittiany Ralls March 31, 2023

Welcome to the debut edition of the MÜV Movies and Cannabis Club! In this exciting new series, we'll explore the delightful combination of cannabis and movie culture. We'll share some of our favorite films and streaming series and offer suggestions on how to pair them with the perfect cannabis strain or product for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. We aim to provide you with some helpful tips to enhance your cannabis wellness routine, so join us on this journey of exploration with cannabis and cinema.

In this staycation edition get ready to journey to distant lands and far-off, and sometimes far-out destinations, without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. From movies that give you the giggles and send you on a soul-searching journey to show recommendations that will transport you to places beyond your wildest imagination, there is a vibe for any voyage. Fully immerse yourself in these mental escapes with some expertly-paired cannabis products and mouth-watering, cannabis-infused recipes that are sure to transport your taste buds.

Now kick your feet up, grab your favorite strain or edible, and get ready for a symptom-free staycation like no other!

Traverse the World, From the Comfort of Your Couch

Take a journey from your cozy couch and explore the world with a little help from our green friend, cannabis, and our handpicked selection of movies and shows. Whether you're a Netflix junkie or a Hulu hipster, we've got you covered with options from various streaming platforms, so claim the comfiest spot and let your imagination run wild.

And, take your stacay to a higher level with our cannabis-infused recipe pairings for your adventure.

For the Travel Junkies: World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is a Netflix series that takes you on a virtual trip around the globe, exploring some of the most breathtaking and unique vacation rentals. From a luxurious treehouse in Bali to an eco-friendly dome in Chile, each episode features three stunning properties that are available for rent.

But this show isn't just about drooling over beautiful vacation homes - it also offers practical travel advice and showcases the local culture and activities of each destination. The three hosts, Megan Batoon, Jo Franco, and Luis D. Ortiz, are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and their witty banter adds a fun and entertaining element to the show.

As you watch World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, you'll feel like you're right there with the hosts, experiencing the thrill of zip-lining through the Costa Rican jungle or savoring authentic Italian cuisine in Tuscany. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Grab your snacks and get ready for a virtual vacation that will leave you feeling inspired.

Episodes: 16 (2 seasons)

Runtime: 31-35 minutes

For the Adventurers: America’s National Parks

Through stunning cinematography and insightful commentary, America's National Parks allows you to experience the beauty and diversity of the wild and adventurous outdoors without ever leaving your couch. You'll learn about the history, geology, and ecology of each park, as well as the challenges they face in the modern world. From the towering peaks of Denali in Alaska to the majestic canyons of Zion in Utah, this show has it all.

But don't be mistaken, it's not just about education and conservation; America's National Parks explores adventure and fun of our nation's most scenic areas. You'll see rock climbers scaling towering cliffs, kayakers paddling through raging rapids, and hikers trekking through rugged wilderness. It's the perfect show for armchair travelers who want to experience the thrill of exploring America's national parks without the hassle of packing a tent or dealing with pesky insects!

Episodes: 5 (1 season)

Runtime: 45 minutes

For the Foodies: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

One of the best travel and food documentary series is Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, available on Hulu. The show features the quick wit and the discerning appetite of Anthony Bourdain, a renowned chef, author, and TV personality, as he travels to various destinations around the world to explore their cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles.

Bourdain showcases his adventurous spirit and fearless attitude toward trying new things throughout the show. He meets with locals, eats at street food stalls and high-end restaurants, and immerses himself in the local traditions and ways of life. The show is known for its unique blend of food, travel, and cultural commentary. Bourdain's wit and humor make the show entertaining and engaging, while also giving viewers a glimpse into the complexities and challenges of different cultures. This is a must-watch for anyone who loves to travel and experience new cultures, or for those who simply enjoy great food and storytelling.

Episodes: 142 (9 seasons)

Runtime: 43-44 minutes each

For the Spiritualist: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a movie based on the bestselling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. The film follows Liz (Julia Roberts), as she embarks on a journey to find herself after a difficult divorce. After "eating" her way through Italy, "praying" her way through India, and eventually finding "love" in Bali, Liz, with the help of many friends along the way, is changed by the world around her during her year of travel.

This eye-opening movie captures the various locations and cultures in stunning detail, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each locale. But the film doesn't stop there; Eat, Pray, Love goes deeper than observable beauty, exploring themes of self-discovery, healing, and growth in a way that is both inspiring and relatable.

Runtime: 2 hours and 13 minutes

For the Laughs: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a slightly different type of love story that tells the tale of Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), a heartbroken musician who goes on a trip to Hawaii to forget about his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Though he's able to escape to an exotic location, he can't seem to escape his ex - Sarah Marshall is staying at the same resort with her new boyfriend, British rockstar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). As Peter tries to navigate his feelings for Sarah and his attraction to a hotel employee named Rachel (Mila Kunis), he immerses himself in the beauty and culture of Hawaii, taking surf lessons, exploring the island, and even performing his own musical number.

The film offers a humorous and heartwarming look at the ups and downs of relationships and the power of travel to help heal a broken heart. With stunning scenery, memorable characters, and plenty of laughs, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a great option for those looking to escape to a tropical paradise that is guaranteed a good time.

Runtime: 1 hour and 51 minutes

Enhance Your Staycation Vibes With These Cannabis Pairings

Encore Edible Soft Chews

Elevate your staycation game with mind-blowing cannabis pairings that take you on a trip without leaving your couch. Forget packing and TSA lines; head to MÜV for tantalizing options that manage every symptom, leaving you only having to worry about your next virtual destination. Plus, try incredible cannabis-infused recipes that will take your taste buds on a journey of their own. Keep reading for the best pairings for your staycation experience that will have you feeling like you're on a five-star vacation.

Escape With Encore Soft Chews

Encore Soft Chews come in a variety of flavors and formulations to suit any taste or need. The Pineapple Raspberry flavor has 10 mg pieces and is particularly well-suited for pairing with movies that transport you to another world. These hybrid edibles offer a mellow feeling that can help you relax and unwind mentally, while also boosting your mood by relieving body pain and giving you just enough energy to stay up for your viewing experience. Plus, with the added benefit of long-lasting effects, Encore Pineapple Raspberry Soft Chews are the perfect choice for a movie-binging day. Plop down on the couch and let Pineapple Raspberry take you on a cinematic journey you won't forget.

Check out what a fan of Encore soft chews had to say:

These gummies provide just the right amount of pain & anxiety relief. Makes me forget the worries and aches and also keeps me going. Not a couch-lock, but rather a watch movies or work around the house type of thing. Definitely recommend for relief and relaxation, without losing ability to still be productive at whatever.


Vibe Out With Grape Bubblegum Flower By Sweet Supply

Grape Bubblegum flower by Sweet Supply is a hybrid strain that helps you relax and unwind without putting you to sleep, making it an undeniable option for pairing with a movie like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The delicious gushing flavors of grapes with a unique spicy undertone leave you hankering for more. Plus, you get the added benefit of relieving pain for an even more enjoyable staycation experience.

While you can just grab some and vibe out, we thought you might want to know what one of our reviewers thought:

WOW! Grape Bubble Gum smokes all my pain away for a decent amount of time. It smokes very smooth, probably one of the smoothest in my opinion. Highly recommend for pain, anxiety, and depression (that was for me, but everyone is different.)


Take Your Taste Buds Globetrotting with Cannabis-Infused Recipes

Explore new flavors inspired by travels featured in World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals and Eat, Pray, Love with these cannabis-infused recipes! But first things first, you will need to make cannabis-infused olive oil for these recipes. Once complete, take your taste buds and your eyes on a globetrotting journey with our movies and cannabis pairings.

Remember: always create edibles with a dose in mind (for example, an 800mg syringe would create 40 cookies at 20mg each), and clearly label all infused treats as containing THC!

Cannabis-Infused Guacamole

Prep Time: 10 minutesYield 6 servings, approx. 1/4 cup each
To make this tasty Mexican-inspired dip, you'll need the following ingredients and equipment:
  • 3 medium-sized avocados, ripe (look for brown skin that is slightly soft to the touch)
  • 1 T cannabis-infused olive oil
  • 1 medium ripe tomato, chopped
  • 1/4 c medium red onion, finely minced
  • 1 large jalapeno, stem and seeds removed, finely minced (add another jalapeno for more spice, or use serrano peppers instead)
  • 1/4 c cilantro, finely chopped (save a little for garnish)
  • 1 T lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • Salt to taste
  • Tortilla chips (for serving)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Fork or potato masher
  • Sharp knife
  • Serving bowls

  1. Start slicing your avocados by using your knife to circle the pit, then smack your knife into the pit to remove it. Use a towel or grab your pit and remove it from the knife.
  2. Using a spoon, scoop out the insides of the avocado into the mixing bowl. Repeat with each avocado.
  3. Then begin mashing the avocados with a fork or potato masher. After you have a  mostly mashed consistency (no lumps) you can add your chopped tomato and cilantro, minced red onion, and jalapeno, and add your lime juice.
  4. Mix ingredients, then add salt to taste.
  5. Once you have salted according to your preference then garnish with cilantro.
  6. Serve with tortilla chips (the thicker the better), and enjoy!
Tip: Store in an airtight container and add more lime juice or sour cream on the top to keep the dip from turning brown. Note: For traditional guacamole, do not include tomato, onion, jalapeno, or cilantro. In Mexico guacamole is just smashed avocados, lime, and salt.

Cannabis-Infused Marinara Sauce

Prep Time: 1 hours 45 minutesYield 4 servings
To make this hearty Italian-inspired marinara sauce, you'll need the following ingredients and equipment:
  • 1/4 c cannabis-infused olive oil
  • 1/4 c olive oil (not infused)
  • 1 medium white onion, chopped
  • 2 lbs Roma tomatoes (blanched, peeled, and chunked)
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 c red wine
  • 1 T honey
  • 2 t fresh basil
  • 1 t oregano
  • 1 t salt
  • 1/2 t black pepper
  • 1/4 t crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1 t balsamic vinegar

  1. Blanch, peel, and chop the tomatoes into chunks.
  2. In a large saucepan, add the not infused olive oil, chunked tomatoes, chopped onion, minced garlic, red wine, balsamic vinegar, honey, basil, oregano, salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes. Bring the ingredients to almost a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for an hour and a half.
  3. After marinara has simmered, bring the temp up just a bit, not enough to make it boil, and add cannabis-infused olive oil and stir for 5 minutes until completely combined and reduce heat again and let simmer for another 5 minutes.
  4. Remove the marinara sauce from the heat and serve. Enjoy with meatballs, breadsticks, or even mozzarella sticks!

Check Back for More MÜV Movies and Cannabis Club Pairings

Stay tuned for more cannabis and movie pairings from genres like romance and documentaries to comedies and of course, we will include movies inspired by cannabis. In the meantime, create summer vibes at home with National Parks and our favorite cannabis recipes for summer, The Best Cannabis Recipes for Summer, for some infused deviled eggs and marshmallow cereal treats. And for patients with certain allergies like gluten, take a bite out of our post "Gluten-Free Sweets with a Twist for recipes like infused banana bread and cookie dough.

Until then, happy watching and munching!

Content Writer for MÜV and Zen Leaf. Britt began exploring cannabis as a recreational user attempting to treat her migraines and depression. Finding success, she began to realize the many benefits of cannabis for a multitude of ailments. Her new-found knowledge prompted a move to Colorado, where she was able to medically treat her son with ADHD and aid her family in becoming healthier and happier. Realizing her passion for cannabis, she turned it into a career. Joining the industry as Medtender and moving into management gave Britt the knowledge needed to become a writer for a local cannabis culture magazine in Oklahoma and a leading voice in cannabis compliance.

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