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MÜV Soft Chews Cannabis Edibles

MÜV Soft Chews are the gummy cannabis edibles Florida has been waiting for. Carefully crafted and perfected by artisan confectionaries, the edible line was created with three things in mind: texture, flavor, and dosing.

The consistency of a gummy is the key to a wonderful dosing experience. MÜV Soft Chews are a pectin-based gummy, and a gluten-free edible option for Florida’s medical marijuana patients with a texture you want to sink your teeth into.

Flavor should never leave something to be desired. To this end, distillate is the choice active ingredient for infusion, which provides little-to-no cannabis taste. And for flavor enhancement, our chefs sought to capture the taste of summer, with fruits of all variety as our muse.

Dosing is where MÜV Soft Chews shine. Because we recognize there is far more to the cannabis plant and its benefits than just THC, Soft Chews are infused with terpenes as well. The indica, sativa and hybrid formulations are infused with a proprietary blend of terpenes to produce targeted effects when dosing marijuana edibles. Each piece will provide a consistent dose of ~10 mg to ~30 mg cannabinoids, depending on formulation.

No matter your preferred MÜV Soft Chews formula, you can always expect a consistent dose, impeccable texture, and sublime flavor down to the last dose.

Chews your chew:

Grape (indica) – The classic grape candy flavor of this indica blended MÜV Soft Chew offers a delicious and discreet medicating option for relaxation.

Berry (indica) – This soft chew is packed with berry flavor in a perfectly textured bite. Berry soft chews are a delicious option to unwind and enjoy.

Mango (sativa) – A flavorful powerhouse, MÜV Mango Soft Chews are loaded with energizing terpenes to provide a Sativa option, perfect for daytime and focus.

Watermelon (sativa) – The refreshingly juicy taste of watermelon infused with the perfect blend of terpenes and cannabis distillate, delivered in a pectin soft chew.

Strawberry (hybrid) – Bite into the undeniable taste of Strawberry and ease into the effects of this deliciously blended Hybrid MÜV Soft Chew.

Mandarin 1:1 CBD/THC (hybrid) – Zesty, bright, and refreshing Mandarin flavor will deliver equal doses of CBD and THC in every delicious bite, making this a tasty daytime option.

Strawberry Peach 2:1 CBD/THC (hybrid) – Enjoy this summertime flavor any time along with its high CBD benefits making it good for day or night.

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THC and 1:1 CBD/THC: $25

2:1 CBD/THC: $30

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