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Ric Flair Drip Cannabis Flower

Introducing the ultimate cannabis strain blends, at an affordable price

Get ready to mix it up with Ric Flair Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid – a powerhouse combination of strains, dynamically paired for a new experience. Combining two highly desired strains into one explosive mix, these cannabis combos will leave you wowed. 

You may prefer to select from individual buds or grind them together to experience something different each time! 

With Jack Attack (Sativa), Sour Jack and Minty Haze are blended to throw down something as original as Ric Flair himself.

Grape Top, Drop Top (Indica) is a killer combo that fuses the unique flavors of Cherry on Top and Grape Bubblegum. The result? create a delightfully sedating and calming experience (indica)

Double Leg Shake Down (Hybrid) is a powerful blend of Cherry Punch and Minty Shake strains to bring you to new heights.

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