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Tyson 2.0 Pre-rolls

Looking for pre-rolls that pack a punch? Reach for Tyson 2.0. 

Featured in standout strains curated by the undisputed champ himself, Tyson 2.0 0.7 g Pre-rolls offer effects that jab and cross with every toke. Choose your effects with indica, sativa, and hybrid options in strains:  

  • Gelato 44 is a Sativa explosion of flavor, sure to energize and uplift. Luscious vanilla with a touch of citrus and lavender will tantalize your taste buds while the stress-relieving effects hit like a one-two punch! 
  • Knockout OG packs quite the punch! This indica will put you in a state of hazy euphoria, where creativity flows freely. Its flavor is reminiscent of sweet berries and vanilla cake with just a hint of sour citrus for an added zing. 
  • Toad is a special hybrid strain with knockout trichomes. Its deep purple buds are complemented by vibrant green and orange accents, creating a dazzling display. This cultivar’s powerful punch blends sweet cream notes and pine aromas for an intensely balanced experience. 
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