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Gold Is Back!

By Danyal Swan November 23, 2021

Royal. Eternal. Divine.

Gold has long been associated with the mystical, the regal. From the myths of ancient Egypt and Rome to Spanish stories of lost cities, and to the present-day infatuation with the element, gold has had a hold on society for centuries, even millennia.  

If you’re a longtime patient of MÜV, gold may have a different meaning, though no less mysterious. The coveted Gold cannabis concentrate has been the talk of many chat threads, social comments, and even guesses regarding new, upcoming products.

For those that have been patiently, albeit eagerly and vocally,’s back. Gold. Is. Back.

MÜV Marijuana Gold

Gold is the gold bar of concentrates. The marijuana extract is presented as microcrystals of THCA, more commonly referred to as diamonds in the cannabis space. These microcrystals are then immersed in terpenes, liquid at room temperature, and often described as terp sauce. Gold is a sticky concentrate that ranges from wet sand in texture, to a liquid reminiscent of applesauce.

While big diamonds are coveted by many concentrate cannaisseurs, microcrystals hold a special benefit. These smaller diamonds are more uniform in size, allowing for consistent dosing in milligrams when medicating. But, just because they are more often microdiamonds, does not mean you won’t find a large one in your gram! Keep your eyes peeled for these treasures, and be sure to tag us on social if you find one!

What is the Texture of Marijuana Gold?

Based on the strain’s terpene profile, the texture of Gold can range from wet sand to more like applesauce. Strains that have higher terpene levels will present in the applesauce texture.

It’s important to note that one texture is not better than the other – instead, each have their own perks. The sandier texture is said to lend more cerebral effects due to the high content of THCA, whereas the applesauce texture will provide extremely robust flavor profiles. Think of the liquid as the gift of terps – terpenes are what give not only the scent and flavor of the plant, but provide the strain-specific effects.

Strains of MÜV Gold

Velvet Glove, pictured above, holds a texture reminiscent of wet sand.

MÜV marijuana concentrates, including Gold, are strain-specific (with the exception of hybrid distillate) and rotate as we harvest from the MÜV Cultivation. To start, we’re launching with eight beloved strains:

  • Gold Cherry Punch; deep golden hue, wet sand appearance
    Cherry Punch is a coveted hybrid strain. Its flavor profile of sweet cherry and sour gas create an unforgettable medicating experience. According to MÜV Patients via Strainprint, the cultivar is adept at quelling anxiety (60% efficacious), depression (62% efficacious), and lends relaxed, comfortable, and happy effects.
  • Gold Guru; soft yellow-gold hue, applesauce appearance
    If you have not yet experienced Guru, Gold may be a great way to begin with the indica cultivar. Its terpene profile truly sings, with notes of grapefruit and gas, lending extremely relaxing effects, according to patients. According to Strainprint Patient Pioneers, the strain is ideal for quelling headaches (with 71% efficacy), insomnia (with 66% efficacy), and muscle pain (with 76% efficacy).
  • Gold Lemon Margy; soft amber hue, wet sand appearance
    Lemon Margy is a hybrid cultivar, boasting strong notes of citrus. Lemon Margy lends focused, stimulated, yet relaxed effects, according to MÜV Patient reviews.
  • Gold Orangeade; soft yellow hue, high in terpenes, applesauce appearance
    The cultivar Orangeade is a hybrid strain with notes of sweet citrus and spice. Strainprint Patient Pioneers report relaxed, comfortable effects, with high efficacies in quelling anxiety (58%) and stress (55%).
  • Gold Slurricane; soft yellow hue, high in terpenes, applesauce appearance
    Slurricane is a popular indica cultivar, and one of the highest tracked by MÜV Patients in Strainprint. The hybrid has strong notes of pepper and spice, with a hint of sweet fruit. Patients report relaxing and comfortable effects with the cultivar, and easing of irrability (68% efficacious) and anxiety (59% efficacious)
  • Gold The Stoke; soft yellow hue, high in terpenes, applesauce appearance
    The Stoke is a newer hybrid cultivar at MÜV with cerebral, uplifting effects. It has strong notes of earth and gas, with a hint of citrus. Patients via Strainprint report relaxed, happy effects with a 66% efficacy in quelling anxiety.
  • Gold Velvet Glove; true gold hue, wet sand appearance
    An indica strain well-loved by MÜVers, Velvet Glove is a sweet-tasting strain with notes of fruit and hints of gas. The cultivar is well-tracked in Strainprint, and boasts efficacies of 64% for insomnia, 62% for stress, and 57% for muscle pain.

Keep in mind that, while included, the terms indica, sativa, and hybrid are largely outdated. Instead, check out our Terpene Guide, which dives into the aromatic compounds that are thought to lend strain-specific effects, and hold their own medicinal benefits.

How To Consume MÜV Gold

There are two ways to consume Gold: vaporization with a dab device, or adding to smokable flower.

Dabbing Gold with a concentrate device is recommended as it vaporizes the concentrate rather evenly to ensure maximum usage. Too, dabbing more effectively activates the THCA, again, improving the output of the medical marijuana. You can dab Gold with a traditional rig, comprised of a water pipe, banger, and blowtorch or e-nail, or by using a concentrate device.

Concentrate devices have made dabbing as simple as clicking buttons – take a look at our post “What Are Concentrate Devices?” to see if the Puffco Plus or Terp Pen is best for your needs.

Combusting with flower is feasible, but can be messy. It’s hard to keep hot oils from dripping when consuming with flower, though it lends significant flavor to each toke. Be sure to add Gold in layers with flower; starting with ground flower, adding Gold, then topping with more flower ensures the flame does not directly hit the concentrate, and prematurely activate the beneficial THC before you can inhale it.

For both dabbing and combusting with flower, don’t forget your dab tool! A pointed-end dab tool is ideal for the more crystalline, sandy Gold, while a scoop is best for the applesauce-like, terpy Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions About MÜV Gold

Orangeade, pictured above, is more of an applesauce consistency.

New products lead to new questions – we've compiled some of the most frequently asked about MÜV Gold and THCA diamonds below:

Why Is It Called Gold?

If you’re unaware, the Department of Health regulates the cannabis industry in Florida. To ensure no products appeal to children, specific words were not allowed to be used (remember Blue, our term for Crumble?). Diamonds were a little too flashy, but Gold? The metal revered for its strength, its durability, its symbolism? Gold was the perfect fit.

What is the Texture of Gold?

MÜV Gold will vary in texture from wet sand, to an applesauce-like consistency. This variation stems from the strain’s terpene profile and the abundance of terpenes.  

What is the Color of Gold?

Like the texture, the color, too, is dependent on the strain’s terpene profile. Gold ranges from a light gold, almost yellow, to a deep amber-golden hue.

Is Gold Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Because Gold is a strain-specific product, it can occur in all of the categories!

What Are THCA Diamonds?

The above image was captured under a microscope in the MÜV Lab by Sr. Manager, Extraction & Production R&D Jeffrey Jacobson.

THCA is the most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, and is the precursor to THC. When the compound THCA aggregates, they interlock to form crystals.
It is good to note that THCA is not the same as THC – instead, it is the non-psychoactive precursor to psychoactive THC.  Applying heat by either combusting or vaporizing THCA converts it to the psychoactive delta-9 THC.

How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

THCA diamonds are created by applying steady, low heat. This creates an environment conducive to crystal formation – the THCA congregates together and locks into one another in a lattice-like structure, presented visually to the naked eye as diamonds.  

Can You Smoke THCA?

THCA can be smoked, but it’s important to note it should be added to flower. Adding to flower enhances the flavor of your smokable, and ensures the concentrate is burned evenly. Be sure to do so in layers to best maximize your dosing!

What Temperature Should I Dab Gold? (H3)

Dabbing temperatures boil down to user preference. Here are a few key notes about temperatures:

  • High temp dabs – more vapor, bigger clouds, less flavor, can be harsh
  • Low temp dabs – robust flavor, less vapor, typically a smoother dab

In short, if you want big clouds, go high temp; if you want big flavor, go low!

How Much Is A Gram Of MÜV Gold?

MÜV Gold is $70 per gram. This price point is reflective of the extensive amount of time that goes into producing the coveted concentrate.

Where Can I Find MÜV Gold THCA Diamonds?

Where Can I Find Gold in FL?

Statewide at MÜV! That’s right, Gold is here to stay - shop now here! Keep your eyes peeled for future strain drops, concentrate news, and more by subscribing to the MÜV Blog below! And, if you have more questions about the newest concentrate and if it is a good fit fo your routine, be sure to reach out to our expert Patient Care Team.

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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